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Two Reddit users have just uncovered the loading screens for the 4 new Face-Off maps and MP map “Oasis” hidden in the recent MW3 PC update. Along with these 4 images, they also discovered a loading screen and files for Modern Warfare 2’s TERMINAL map.

Could MW3 fans be in for a surprise with a throwback map or “Nostalgic Map Pack”? We don’t know about you but this is one map we’d like to see return in MW3.


UPDATE: Below is a picture from Modern Warfare 2. As you can see, the police cars are different when compared from Modern Warfare 2 to MW3 which lends a bit more credibility. The new loading screen image (above) now features one of the police cars found in MW3 (via @RiyazPINOY, image @LtgMcNoob):


SOURCE: CallofDuty Wiki Via @JOM115






  • Mitch


  • slaytera92

    The trick shotters will go crazy if they do

  • if terminal is back. I might just be the happiest man in the world.

  • $8549735

    Bringing a good map from MW2 back doesn’t change the fact that MW3 is straight garbage.

    • Hayden34

      Yea fuck mw3 its a peice of shit

      • Peachyballssackz

        Hayden is a girls name you pussy bitch and if you hate modern warfare 3 why do you bother reading and article about it if you don’t like it? Isn’t that a bit contradictive? Who knows since you are a bitch.

  • Mecha75

    lol, the maps for Getaway are actually labeled Restrepo. Anyone seen that documentary, because the images for the Getaway map look really really close to the actual firebase Restrepo in Afganistan.

  • Mecha75

    sorry, I mean Lookout

  • Mecha75

    If files for MW2 Terminal were included and Activision or IW said that the Content Calendar only included new DLC and none from previous titles, then will Terminal be dropped outside of the Contect Calendar???

    • Mitch

      Free to everyone like 402 said? The 2 Face-Off maps are also free to everyone and outside the content calendar.

      • Ale Sz15

        That Makes sense. No Old maps included in Paid DLC = Free Old Maps.

  • Bluelegopiece

    It’s nice to be acknowledged for something you were part of. Thank you for the mention.


  • Cpt. Price


  • Ale Sz15

    Terminal looks horrible with the Mw3 Engine…it’s not as bright and colorful as in Mw2.

  • Smittypimp

    But look at the ACR and the red dot sight on it. It looks EXACTLY like the MW2 version. So I’m not sure about this.

    • Chris Breuer

      That pic was showing the MW2 version of the police car, scroll to the top of the screen to see the supposed MW3 version(:

    • Mitch

      plz dude you can’t get dumber.

  • Roxas3510

    Yes please I loved Terminal.

  • P Tsoraidis


  • Mitch

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    • Peachyballssackz

      Your name is a bit gay you cocksucker

    • Peachyballssackz

      Mitch Belgraver?? More like Bitch Melgraver..

  • RiseUp44

    some of the maps look so familiar lol..same ol same they have to think of the next few dlc content releases really in depth because they could if good bring back lost players, or keep players happy that were getting bored or they could screw up and loose the rest of the already frustrated community

  • guest

    actually the one you posted as Lookout is actually Restrepo