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  • Derp

    @Peachyballsack That wasn;t funny, shut the fuck up…

  • D_t

    the guy in the poster is holding an ak74u an so is the guy in the first “getaway” picture.

    • tellmeadeshina

      Correct. Though, those images are like ‘artist impression’ type images, not an in-game shot. The AK74u was present in the campaign so there is the possibility of it as a DLC weapon if you were thinking along those lines.

  • tellmeadeshina

    Oasis looks really nice – as I was expecting after hearing it was based around the hotel from the campaign, which looked nice, little disappointed to see it isn’t set in the night time as the campaign was, I’m a sucker for pretty lights.

    Getaway looks nice too, just a real shame it isn’t a multiplayer map.

    I don’t think it would even piss me off if they did make a full version of it for a DLC item!

  • lMattW

    Am I missing something or is that poster-like picture wrong? Getaway isn’t on there.

    • Shady-4

      i agree mate thats what i was gonna say right naw

      • Kevingarnettsarmpit

        It’s at the bottom the last picture is split between two missions

  • Dhgf4m0us

    don’t know how I feel about this new game mode. Seems like a lot of boosting would be possible. Wether it’s randoms or your friends

  • Kevingarnettsarmpit

    So wait is Oasis going to be available to Elite on the 15th?

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Personally I think the Face Off maps look really good BUT I am VERY disappointed they are not available in other game modes (4v4, 6v6, FFA and Gun Game) They would be PERFECT for that intense, gun on gun fast paced action that smaller maps with LOTS of players provide. It worked for Shipment, Rust, Nuketown etc and these (especially Rust) are tiny!! As I play in a TEAM with 3-4, Clan, Party and/or Friends, These map have little to NO use to me!!

    Oasis is the only addition of any benefit to the Majority of CoD players (I am an Elite Subscriber so already have Sanctuary and Foundation) as the majority play mainly for the Multi-player. Spec Ops has very limited playability (so many have still not even looked at the last two) and who plays them after the 3 star award? Face Off will turn into a boosters paradise!!