Treyarch’s very active David Vonderhaar tweeted to @ONLYUSEmeBLADE regarding the Black Ops 2 knife system:

Now, what he exactly is referring to is unknown, but it appears that this is what ONLYUSEmeBLADE was thinking of for knifing in BO2:

  • A default two-hit knife system with a perk that makes it one-hit knife
  • The knife to be a secondary
  • The knife to be in the equipment slot
Time will tell what Black Ops II Multiplayer will offer. Check out our Confirmed List for BO2.


SOURCE: iPlayCOD’s Forums


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  • gary.

    Sounds Interesting.

  • fad

    2 Hit knife would be perfect.

  • Alex

    Hum, it could be interesting

  • Tyfecho

    One swing knife is possible.. but you gotta hit the head for insta kill. Body armour and getting shot at is a no no…

  • Mitch

    I think that the knife should be a 2 hit kill, but you can have a perk that makes it a one hit kill for people like OnlyUseMeBlade.

  • It’s the futur, you’d think there be enough body armour to protect you against a knife…

  • Tirumalav


  • Broncosnfl15

    THANK YOU!!!!

  • Pulse Chaos

    I know what it is! Basically; there’s you can see a camper in a corner or behind the wall u know where he is by the UAV , heat vision or he’s killed you multiple times. (It only works if he/she has stayed in that APX position for longer than 20 seconds)
    So u climb over that wall by double tapping A. Now you mount over it and as you land onto surface your knife lunges into the campers head tearing his skull apart. The camper can’t see you as your attacking him from above. Total humiliation for the camper. your thoughts?

  • Maverick

    Years ago, me and some guy had some long discussion on the Infinity Ward forum about stuff like this. Most of our ideas were different melee weapons having a speed vs power balance. Bayonets, combat knives, machetes, even swords and silent assassination moves. Now i’m not saying we invented this idea but what I am saying is an idea like this has been discussed for years all over the place. I hope some kiss ass in the COD community doesn’t start claiming this is his idea.

    • Pulse Chaos

      I did actually think of this idea myself without reading it in the forums, It surprises me that other people thought of that idea as well cause I never see it being talked about. Although it properly will never happen but if they were to put tactical moves in COD it would be amazing.

      • Maverick

        The idea has been tossed around for awhile. I know it was a hot topic prior to mw3, people were hoping for some change. Now its certainly not a noob tube or last stand level topic, but its been out there. The point is the idea has been out there. Even though you, me, and plenty of other people could have thought of this on our own without other influence, it has been out there enough that you really can’t peg it to one person. If so then the folks over at Treyarch are not listening to the community as a whole as much as they say, and only their select group.

  • A 2 hit knife kill is not a good idea. If there is a perk that makes knife kills 1 shot, it’ll force people to use a perk that enhances it–thus killing variety.

  • Dan

    1 hit kill, make it an extra equipment that is automatically on every class. You have to take out to be able to stab people, you shouldnt be able to turn a corner and insta-knife. Also, it should take an entire second to whip it out.

  • Ieuan9scrumhalf


  • wee

    black ops 2 is now crap

  • Tkdcaa

    The knifing system needs to be reinvented to that of Battlefield, not with all the dog tags, but with taking out panic knifing and only letting you knife by switching to it, like you switch to a weapon.