It appears more MW3 DLC content names have been leaked a couple weeks ago. A SE7ENSINS forums user by the name of iHC James posted these map names a couple weeks ago and has so far been 100% accurate. He previously pinpointed the “Oasis” “Aground” “Lookout “Erosion” and “Getaway” names. Here is some other names he posted:

MP Maps:

  • Oasis (officially announced)
  • mp_moab
  • mp_boardwalk
  • mp_nola
  • mp_theater
  • mp_super8
These map names could be internal code names, and not the final names.

Spec Ops Mission: 

  • Iron Clad (officially announced)
  • Kill Switch (officially announced)
  • Terminal*

*The fact that he found “Terminal” as a Spec Ops Mission has been a surprising seeing as how yesterday the MW3 PC files leaked Terminal MP Map loading screen.



    Maybe theater will be like Kino Der Toten! 😀

  • TurboBill

    Boardwalk – Delta and Spetznaz at……… the Jersey Shore!

  • Rick Kump

    mp_nola will be something in New Orleans, possibly Bourbon Street. If so, teams will need hazmat suits to ward off the roaming clouds of herpes.

    • Vinewood

      Someone’s never been to new Orleans… Haha

      • Rick Kump

        Haha, I’ve been there. That’s how I know about the VD clouds on Bourbon. NOLA, The Moist Crotch of America!

  • Marc

    Favela or Invasion I’d prefer! as long as Terminal don’t come as part of Elite I’m happy. Not happy if I’m paying for any map twice! Then Again I’d take any MP map over these spec ops missions I refuse to even download them now, MP is where its at not spec ops! how many times will any one person play those missions? 2 or 3 times tops, a good MP map you’ll play on it that many times in one day