Activision has paid ex Infinity Ward devs $42m today according to Infinity Ward Employee Group. The original lawsuit that Activision filed against Infinity Ward’s Co-Founders’ Vince West and Jason Zampella has made many headlines.

But today Activision found out that “the discovery phase didn’t implicate the constituents of the so-called “Infinity Ward Employee Group”. And because of these findings, Activision has paid the Infinity Ward Employee Group $42m on top of the $22m already paid to them.

But, this case is not resolved. The Infinity Ward Employee Group’s attorney confirmed this payment was made today, but called it a “cynical attempt to look good before the jury trial.”

“I can confirm for you that it happened today,” he told Polygon. “I can also tell you that although it is a meaningful payment it is only a small portion of what we are seeking in litigation. It is outrageous that they made us wait, they obviously knew they owed the money and this just shows that they breached the contract.”

This case all started back in 2010 because Infinity Ward’s members were not paid correctly by Activision. 40 Infinity Ward workers decided to leave to create Respawn Entertainment, now owned by EA.

SOURCE: The Verge

  • Bryson

    so thats why mw3 sucks, all the good employees left from infinity ward. good job activision you ruined a successful company. no one will buy another infinity ward game again because of piece of shit mw3.

    • Umlp1

      mw2 was pure garbage as well.. That was original IW, after CoD4 they just tried to ride off its success, old IW (after CoD 4) is shit and so is the current one.

    • No Lux

      Yeah they will just cause you suck at the game dont mean its bad maybe you should go play halo or battlefield and quit complaining about it

  • Hayden34

    Fuck modern war fail 3 cod 4 & 6 were the best because they were actually made by the original infinity ward