New Footage:
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Here’s the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Commercial aired today during the Champions League final between Chelsea and Bayern Munich during half time.


Mystery Bullpup gun spotted, the “QBZ-95”?:

  • Carbon


  • Mitch

    thanks for trolling on twitter CI with your UK trailer!

  • Ste Guino

    meh, now 3rch are trolling us.

  • Pulse Chaos

    There’s a minute trailer that aired for me what contained more new footage of the game.

  • Trailer in english please?

  • MarkP

    If you look exactly halfway in the English trailer you see the A91 which is a SMG

  • Pulse Chaos

    I think there’s a hidden code in “The Future is” anyone who can work it out?

  • MarkP

    That ‘unknown gun’ is the A91!

    • Asdasd

      Knowing that the enemy in this one are the chinese, that gun is obiously the QBZ-95.

      • MarkP

        Good point

  • Repleteorb2

    It is the A91 and it is a assault rifle and it is from Russian

  • J N

    i’ve guess you guys miss something look at 0:28 there is a new sort of helicopter/jet sight
    please do something with this comment

  • Xs4ne

    A futurised IW80-A2? I’m pretty confident.

  • SANz

    Modern Enfield 🙂

  • Oh god. please dont bring the QBZ-95 (Type 95) back, Treyarch. I’m begging you

    • Doubletrouble8v

      That would be the biggest mistake ever…this and Dead Man’s Hand

      • The Flash

        no form of death streak will return since treyarch was right by not putting it in black ops

  • Heycowboy

    a NEW trailer….

  • Max B

    Nice, Break Down on my channel at 12.00 noon

    • Max

      stupid name i know

  • Rehman118

    Doubt anyone cares but chelsea won lol

  • Guest

    The fifth picture, the guy’s holding a Stoner?

  • karoofay_on_fire

    ??? gun pause at 18s
    on the right side someone is holding a gun it looks like the stoner to me???