Treyarch’s Director of Technology Cesar Stastny (@pcdev), has recently confirmed via Twitter that Treyarch is stepping up this year when it comes to supporting the Call of Duty PC community. With all the PC drama that began with MW2, it’ll be interesting to see what direction they’ll take with Black Ops 2. This is a great start though:

-“[Black Ops 2].. developed by a dedicated PC team simultaneously with the other platforms.”
-“BO2 built from the ground up to catch cheaters”
-“Ability to detect and ban based on lessons learned on Black Ops.”

Still no word on how dedicated servers will be handled this year. It’s clear fans have beens asking for dedicated ranked servers fo a while now, we’ll let you know the second we receive more PC intel from Treyarch..


Also, the Black Ops 2 “Paused Game Screen” was recently spotted during a Treyarch Interview:

SOURCE: @Pcdev Via CallofDutyWikia

  • $8549735

    Bullshit. Who buys Call of Duty for the PC? They have continued to port it to PC with little support. Why would this time be any different? Everybody knows it’s a console game.

    • Rodri

      @OleanderX if you don’t like PC don’t fuck with it, I have a feeling that they’ll really do a good game on PC

    • tellmeadeshina

      True dat.

      1.38m sold for PC. 12m sold for PS3 and 14m sold for 360.

      There’s normally only around 40k people online on PC.

    • Gagetr7

      First Person Shotters started on PC.. CoD4 was ported to Xbox/PS3 from PC. Just to let you know

  • Serjiodelacruz

    Hopefully there is gonna be playercard customization again.

    • hot natured

      how do u know it?

  • Mitch


  • Korflock

    And once again, the PS3 version will be a poorly ported version of the XBOX version.

  • alex..

    CHARLIEINTEL you guys should post the picture of the new leak pause menu that actually shows the mini map