Earlier today G4TV’s Xplay teased a “sneak preview” of Black Ops 2 that got everyone hyped up today. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any new footage shown however they did a nice recap of going over what we know so far.

-“4 Versus 4” Zombies confirmed again.

SOURCE: G4TV Via @Xplay

  • BBSX

    Just watched it… absolutely no new info.

  • Roxas3510

    This isn’t what they showed on tv, but either way nothing new was shown.

  • James K

    The video was posted on May 3. I watch the x-play video and it was a different guy..

  • Korflock

    ‘Sneak preview’?
    More like ‘obvious review’.

  • Tyler_giddy

    It’s pretty sad how they think that their game is so good that they can just loop the reveal trailer over and over and over again

  • Rrrrr

    Damn copyright…