Your thoughts? Personally we think Modern Warfare 2’s “Rust” and CoD4’s “Shipment” maps would be a perfect fit for Face-Off game modes. Also glad to see the MP5 might get beefed up. Now only if we could get GUN DLC…

SOURCE: Infinity Ward Facebook Page

  • moriarty_1975

    Won’t get my hopes up….you know what the former IW CM was like….


    • Roxas3510

      I don’t believe Tina is as bad a CM as Bowling was, after all, one of the first things she listed they were working on was the range of dead man’s hands, something we’ve been telling Bowling ever since the game came out and not did he bring it up to the rest of IW, or at least tell us he tried.

  • i dont want shipment and rust for just face off i want it to be normal gameplay like it was in MW2 along with face off version

  • Jamie

    How come you stopped doing theater mode pics? I would like some of the new maps since Overwatch ( where you stopped) I would also like to know about this month’s DLC!

  • Haruhi

    All I want is better PC support. >_<

  • Random

    LOL Nuketown should be added as well even though it’s not Infinity Ward’s game…

  • incubusman421

    I really hope that they change the game to give the player that downs some one into dead man’s hand or final chance should get credit for the kill and the finisher should get the assist.

  • Eugene Hitler

    I’m glad IW is doing what Treyarch did with the community. Can’t wait for BO2!

  • Elli3

    Two of the badest map ever… I’m sad.

  • Gun DLC is still at the top of my list. Stoked to see those as Face Off maps, but I think Killhouse would be even better