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Not sure what to make of this. It could be a simple image mix up OR they accidently revealed gun DLC possibly in the works. We know the AK-74u was featured in the single-player campaign but left out of multiplayer for some reason. One thing is for sure, the AK-74u image is the same style used in the Create-A-Class menus.

Also looks like we might be in store for some weapon double XP soon. Which is good for people that aren’t prestiging any more but would like to get attachments faster.

UPDATE: Double WEAPON XP has been activated:


SOURCE: Infinity Ward FaceBook

  • Karan

    Maybe it is weapon DLC. But the 74u was in the campaign so maybe that is why it is in the picture.

  • Thegenius

    Looks like false Intel…look closely at the name of the AK 74U its clearly photoshopped into the picture and not well either…looks faked to me

    • Wdsda


  • Nejiseepersad

    they also had the m24

  • Nejiseepersad

    also everyone will be shocked if they say the intervention…

    • Nejiseepersad

      i meant saw

  • I dont think that it will be like an ELITE DLC Content because of others that need to download it. I think it would be put into a patch update so that all could use it.

  • Scuotivento

    also there are shadows below every weapon except for the ak-74u…

    • Thegenius

      Good point, definitely fake

      • Punter

        The model doesnt either

      • MeLoNhEadSeb

        You can’t just assume something is “definitely fake” like that… the official Infinity Ward Facebook profile uploaded this… maybe it was just an accident that the 74u doesn’t have a shadow in as it isn’t in multiplayer yet anyway – only single player. It is most likely legit (or just an accident altogether).

  • CoD

    guys its it there because its in a spec ops mission, the first one. if you look behind you in the jeep its there but not in the mulitplayer etc

  • Revisawesome

    Most people dont know it but some dudes over at CoD Wiki found an AK-74u create-a-class picture in the game files during the first few weeks of release meaning that it was initially supposed to be a MP weapon.

    • BrianAdonisEagleRockCalifornia

      no actually the guys at se7ensins found it. they found ak74u, and other perks that was suppose to be in the game, even stoppping power. maybe those perks will even be as dlc, doub it though.

      • Lemon

        The guys a se7en are awesome, they find so much stuff lol

  • CobraG7

    Double Weapon XP is now live for MW3 on 360 and PS3! PC get regular double XP. http://twitter.com/InfinityWard/status/210035705462792192

  • Bryson

    If they do put the ak74u in mw3, hopefully its not as overpowered as it was in black ops. and what about the intervention, why cant they put it in mw3????

    • ModernWarfare3 player

      Hmmm, lets think about it, oh yes we forgot… maybee we got MSR and L118a in mw3

      MW2 only had 1 singel bolt action sniper

    • jr3m555

      because the ak74u is already in the campaign

  • Jarvantalucky

    Please. MK14 ON BLACK 2 I LOVE THAT GUN MK 14 Please be on Black ops 2 Please. Black ops 2 MK14 PLEASE 😀 MK14

  • Geogina

    i like it