• Xboxfinnoy

    I tought the claw was a giant tanks… Im happy that it is not…

  • Tirumalav

    Nice. It looks pretty cool.

  • Elektrobanq

    The Kris Kard (at 1:05) fires in full auto and it doesn’t have much recoil. It would be awesome if Treyarch allows for a semi-auto mode and attachments. I know COD games haven’t allowed for fire selection on guns, but I don’t see why not; if they are willing to introduce so many changes to the COD series, such as the strike-force missions and the overwatch mode, why not go a tad further with a fire selection option? The XM8 rifle looks awesome and sounds great. I never liked the original, real-life XM8 because it was too rounded and looked like a toy. Treyarch made adjustments to the appearance of the gun that make me think I will use this gun a lot in multiplayer. It looks very nice.

  • Mr Shoelayce

    What is the thing he keeps shooting out of his wrist ?

    • Elektrobanq

      A grenade. It looks like it is a timed grenade that doesn’t explode on impact.