First Zombie map glimpse. Prototype name “The Map,” will be bigger than any Zombie map to date.


‘SEAL TEAM 6’ multiplayer faction spotted.
[nggallery id=278]

SOURCE: Machinima Via @BlackOpsIINews

  • The Flash

    thanks to me, theres a vid aswell

    • Lonewarrior30

      mind sharing the link with us?

  • Metalfgg15

    Machinima video? I´m partner

  • i hope they have zombies maps that are more realistic…. like, daylight, turn to night, since you play zombies so long, possibly speed up time in a ratio like every 10 minutes be a few hours. idk just a good idea i think

  • where is the video?!

  • Macrox25

    For anyone asking the vid in question is this behind the scenes video from machinima. Lot’s of new footage. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GElKpJLvKLc&feature=plcp

  • Macrox25

    From the same video. Is that an EMP as a killstreak?

  • Hayden34

    Where’s the Link bitch

  • Mt G

    I think David Vonderhaar was talking only about multiplayer. Not sure what to make of that yet.

  • Gatlin Weyer

    Look at the behind the scenes video. Multiplayer image is at 2:25.

  • Rusty

    Image #25… Thats in the Cuban Bar from Black Ops I………… Could Martinez have been there when Woods, MAson and Bowman were????

    • Ll3

      that is actually a zombie map. but that would be a good twist. I might look for him when I play the campaign again

  • Ll3

    the 11th photo looks like south africa. I remember a war happening around the 80’s. and this game does take place in the 80’s and 2025 so that would make sense

  • as50 sniper rifle in 1:04

  • Bosniaboys

    2:40 ifyou look better, you see zombies walking. I’am not really sure

  • Meeksjared

    Looks like the AS50 is returning at 1:04

  • Interesting. They show this diner in the video:

    That diner is in New Jersey. When I found the picture of the diner, this picture was related:

    That church picture is also similar to this one found in the video:

    Possibly a New Jersey map?