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  • Mitch

    I see 2 pictures that are the same.

  • Wilddildotamer

    i think that we might see the “create emblem” thing but not on our gun. its going 2b a patch on your clothes……..i think. :p

    • Angel

      that would piss me off i wanna see my emblem on my gun i cant see my clothes

  • Chubbybitch

    PC Graphics!!!

  • Pulse Chaos

    these graphics are awesome!!

    • cockoff

      not awesome but shows the great improvements they made on BO1, especially the lighting.

      • eddie

        the lighting in black ops is amazing..black ops has the best lighting of any cod..

    • They definitely look better then BO1, thats for sure

  • Olof Fager Saari

    All aboard the Hype train!

  • Nerf

    hmm crazy it says “secret service” on they’re patches, don’t think they do black ops missions though

  • Are these pics leaked multiplayer images or does no one know?

    • It’s campaign footage it was a mission featured on machinima when they were talking to David Lamia