*Starts at 7:40 minute mark..

SOURCE: WillyRex Channel Via @Jorge_Vazquez96

  • Vikp51

    Shit just got real

  • Jimirmixes

    anyone else see yet ANOTHER alternate version of the bloody black ops 2 logo, with an extended zombies teaser? UGH GIVE US SOMETHING NOW TREYARCH!

    • Hey calme dem tits be lucky infinity ward kept everything secret last year besides survival they didnt show us anything at all for months Treyarch is already talking about multiplayer and zombies no matter if their just little pieces and their showing more gameplay

      • Jimirmixes

        lol, ik but there have been teasers, which point towards them giving it some time soon, lol ik ik i get ur point tho.

  • chinese guy at 1:06 looks like a villain in the game probably a second hand man like volk


    Viva WILLYREX!

  • Mitch

    is there a better version on youtube? Or is this E3 exclusive?

    • The Flash

      E3 exclusive will not be shown anywhere else or uploaded on COD website, thats as good as the quality will get

  • rubarush343

    Multiplayer footage @12:13 – 12:22

  • rubarusher343

    Sorry meant 12:13 – 12:22

  • Formula57

    i still think Tacitus.com is relevant to this game. Skip to 9:29 in this video and when the aircraft is landing on the pad, check out the emblem on the building. definitely resembles the tacitus emblem.

  • omg

    the villian is wheaver