Here it is in case you missed it, the first glimpse of the Black Ops 2 ‘Start Screen’.

So you can forget about the 100+ supposed “leaked” start screen shaky cam vids that have popped up on YouTube…

SOURCE: Machinima Via @IcyTrexGaming

  • Mitch


  • Stay classy San Francisco!

  • The Flash

    looks very basic

    • Jimirmixes

      may look basic but better than black ops one, and better than the fakes lol

  • Eythan Starcher

    thank u

  • Dman112

    That could just be the start screen for the E3 Demo and not for the actual game, but nice find either way.

  • Lonewarrior30

    it doesnt load the pic for me..:p

  • Olubowale

    It would look really cool if the rain in the background actually moved, have it all static would be to basic for CoD.