Looks like we’ll be getting 5 new unlocks on CallofDuty.com soon. You can definitely see the KSG shotgun in one of the pics. We’ll update this post when they go live, hopefully tomorrow..

Blurry pic of the KSG shotgun:

SOURCE: Callofduty.com CLASSIFIEDS Via @fever308

  • are these going to build up to a seconds trailer? if so there might be a multiplayer sneak preview, like the ims last year.

  • Tacitus operation, hmmmmm….

  • AnOrdinaryGuy

    Looks like a kind of tri-barrel KSG

    • Myiceisgreen

      The two tube on the bottom are for the shells. The top tube is the only barrel.

  • Kai_kianu

    If you actually look hard in one of the demos you can see that you can pick up a KSG