*Woody gave a little shout out to charlieINTEL.com part of the way though. Looks like he just discovered our site lol..

SOURCE: WoodysGamertag YT Channel

  • CharlieINTELrules

    do you guys know when is the 5 minute trailer be available in HD?

  • Youtubez

    Could you guys post some information about the black ops exclusive trailer.?Theres like a ton of new footage 🙂

  • lMattW

    Woody is a good commentator but he doesn’t keep very up to date on Call of Duty news. Not that he needs to, but for the position he’s in it seems like he should.

    • woody is all over the call of duty reddit. great guy, when I say all over, I don’t mean promoting himself, just commenting on things and responding to people.