-New killstreak Selection layout
-Select Fire Option
-C.L.A.W. and FA-38 Killstreak Option
-The XM8 is now called the “M8A1”
-One of the player names is “eclipseMPdemo1”
-Highest rank before prestige is “55”

UPDATE: IGN has taken down their photos.

SOURCE: IGN’s Instagram Feed Via @yanksfan95

  • Lonewarrior30

    on the third picture..is says the weapons name..and as a attachment it has a ”select fire” … :O

  • Rob

    Few things I see;

    1) looks like you will be able to choose which killstreak you want to use when all are unlocked like mw3. Nice I’m glad! Thoroughly enjoyed that feature.

    2) that gun he’s using clearly says m8a1 but the intriguing part after that says “SELECT FIRE” that tells me that there’s going to be an attachment (as lonewarrior30 says) to weapons that will allow you to select between single shot, 3 round burst or fully auto!!! I’ve been wanting that for soooo long. Because there are times when fully auto is necessary. However there are times when 3 round burst and even single shot are more effective and accurate. And I’ve always wanted to be able to do that with the class that I’m using instead of having to die and then switch up and just have to keep switching classes each death. I’m very intrigued as to what they plan on doing with that!!! Damn is it November yet???

    And finally

    3) the 3 killstreaks used seem to be the claw thing. That 4 legged robot in the first slot which is probably your 3 killstreak. The next one looks to be a napalm or some type of aerial attack, more than likely the 5 killstreak. And the last one seems to be that quadrotor. Perhaps an 8 killstreak. I wonder what kind of capabilities the quadrotor has if it’s up so high on the killstreak list. Interesting stuff. And it’s only June….lol

    • cockoff

      lol, are you crazy? 3 killstreak for the CLAW? That thing has a sentry gun on top of it! Consider the CLAW as MW3s assault Juggernaut.

    • [KoC] mokie

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNPJMk2fgJU here are the quadrotors capabilities sir. 🙂

  • Alex Coucoes

    ami the only one who think the second image is from the zombies?

    • James K

      No. It’s an 8 player limit on zombies now.

  • Lonewarrior30

    am I the one who cant see the pics anymore?


    seems the top level you can rank up to is 55

  • MeLoNhEadSeb

    It says M8A1 but it looks exactly like the XM8 with ACOG…

    • Guest

      Im pretty sure the M8A1 is a variant of the XM8. They look essentially the same.

      • TurboBill

        In real life,The gun would not be called “XM8” once it was adopted by the military. The “X” meant it was experimental.

        • cockoff

          Yes, additionally in the high-res screenshots posted yesterday you can clearly see M8A1 along the side of the gun.

  • MoRT

    Eclipse the project name, not?

  • HEYcowboy

    The other players names are also interesting: “GameSpot” (Spot a ennemy?), “GameSpy” (spy: new perk?), “GiantBomb” (Nuke/Moab?)

    • Adam

      you realize those are companies right?

    • CorporateNothing


    • Medibee

      Haha! Their game sites!

    • BotMw

      Really? Those are all companies -.-

    • My ribs hurt from laughing at this. thank you 😉

  • Elektrobanq

    Fire selection?! Uh figgity fuck yeaaaaaah.

  • Korflock

    Select-a-fire? HELL YEAH!

  • Some guy is called EclipseMPDemo1.
    I thought they weren’t gonna call it that.

  • daou

    did anyone see the select fire thing on the image?!

  • Battlefield301

    COD whines at BF3 for copying their ideas but BF3 isnt complaining about the select fire. COD your lucky BF doesnt care and doesnt want to start anything because XM8 was called XMB in BFBC2