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SOURCE: @CallofDuty

  • Josh

    cant wait for BO2!

  • Lonewarrior30

    one question if I may..where did u get these from?

    • Jerhame Ross

      Follow callofdutys twitter

      • Lonewarrior30

        oooh ok thanks bro 😀

  • Myiceisgreen

    I wonder if the amount of bullets to kill someone will be like BLK Ops or MW3. I like the few bullets it takes, but like BLK Ops recoil system.

  • I think gore is back. The dudes head in the left corner is gone or is that me just seeing shit?

  • saif

    I cant wait for zombies and follow me on twitter @the_monster94

  • hot natured

    I hope the put more gory content such as broken arms, legs, hands, openings in the body and blown heads.

  • hot natured

    It seems that Treyarch is having several changes into their engine because I’m seeing the graphics very good. Btw what’s that gun?