Minutes after we updated the weapon list with the Type-95, we received several tips from people trying to correct us saying its the Type-25.. well it’s BOTH. Can you spot the difference? because we can’t. They appear to be the same weapon when held in first-person mode. Even the pick-up icons are identical yet theres 2 different names. Our best guess is that it’s a programming typo, for a game thats still being developed of course.

How about the XM8? That’s the real name of the rifle and was confirmed by one of the pick-up icons shown durring a Strike Mission video. However yesterday when IGN leaked the multiplayer image with the new H.U.D., you’ll notice the rifle is now called the M8A1, which we’re guessing replaced the M4A1 (according to the Black Ops 2 storyline).

The Heckler & Koch XM8:
While we’re on the subject, why is the XM8 in Black Ops 2? In 2002, the XM8 project was a contender to become the Army’s new standard infantry rifle but was put on hold in April 2005, and was formally canceled on October 31, 2005. Which means according to the Black Ops 2 Story line, the XM8 project was reopened some time between 2012 and 2025. Uh huh, sure..

Here’s my point. There are TONS of M4A1 replacements that Treyarch could have chosen, such as:

-Barrett REC7 PDW
-Remington ACR
-Heckler & Koch HK416
-Robinson Arms XCR
-SIG 556

All of which are still in the running to be the next standard military rifle…

  • Vasidius

    The Type-95 in MW3 looks fairly different than the one in Blops 2. I say it’s the Type-25. But that is just a guess.

    • incubusman421

      Well the FAMAS and SPAS 12 look pretty different between BO and MW1-3… Perhaps it’s an IW v 3ARC thing?

      • Jgspinelli

        Nope, the “Famas” in BO was the “Felin Famas” (I dont know why the hell they put “Famas” in the name of that gun). The Type95 has two models: Carbine Rifle and Battle Rifle. The Spas i dont know

  • Bozzie

    I’d say the reason for the XM8 becoming the M8A1 is that after 20 years, the design is no longer experimental and the design would either be flat out cancelled or officially used in the military in the BO2 universe. Wouldn’t make sense for it to still be “Xperimental”.

    • Vasidius

      You’re right, I didn’t notice. It should be XM8 for when you’re in the 1980’s and M8A1 in 2025.

      • XM8 never existed in the 80’s

  • Ray

    Maybe the the type 25 is the carbine of the type 95

    • Jgspinelli

      The carbine style of Type-95 is the Type-95B

  • MisfortunateMan

    Well reading from the World guns Ru site, it claims that the XM8 was never cancelled, but it was merely a suspended project, meaning the project was never dropped, it was just in hiatus, which opens up to the possibility of the project resuming between 2012 and 2025.

    Then to Bozzie point, where X stands for Xperimental, between 2012 and 2015, the project must of proven sucessful in order to drop the X from XM8 (As it’s no longer Xperimental)m which it adopts the name of M8A1. I believe the A1 from the name derives from the idea of ‘Adaptation’, which was probably presented in the form of the gun having picatinny rails on the carrying handle and other areas of the weapon.

    After all, the M8A1 may of not replaced the standard issued M4A1 rifle, the M8A1 rifle must of been the chosen weapon of ‘Black Ops’ operatives as the M8A1 was a versatile firearm, which probably what Treyarch thought or saw.

    Those were merely my guesses, so it may not be entirely accurate, but it was a reasonable one.

    • MisfortunateMan

      Continuing onto the Type 95 confusion, the Type 95 was a Chinese assault rifle made in 1995..which probably got the number 95 from. I could validate this by saying that the AK47 was manufactured in 1947. But then in Black Ops 2, we get to see a Type 25… What year was this game set it? 2025, which then again justify for the ’25’ part in the Type 25 assault rifle.

      Then the question is why is there two similar rifles in the game? Well I don’t know, my guess is that the difference between the two rifle is that the Type 25 has Picatinny rails on the carrying handle, while the Type 95 doesn’t. You may question that the IW’s model of the Type 95 had picatinny rail aswell…Well then that was their way of making the rifle look modern, which is a guess, but in real life, the Type 95 has no picatinny rail.

      Then it comes to the point where between 2012 and 2025, Chinese manufacturer probably implemented picatinny rail and made some additional change to render the gun more uselful then the Type95, which probably changed the gun name to Type 25, which was yet again, probably made in 2025.

      But then again, I don’t know the difference in the model shown in the demo, they are similar in looks, but then the guess is that variation was implemented.

      Here again, these are guesses, not accurate facts.

      • MisfortunateMan

        Another question I forgot to answer is that:
        Why include two similar rifles within the game?

        Well, if my claims on the Type 25 (about it being manufactured in 2025) was correct, my greatest guess is that the company who made the Type 25 in 2025 was in a rush to produce Type 25 rifles for the battle in Los Angeles, which was the demo. They probably produced limited amount of Type 25 rifles (as they were in a rush), which couldn’t be provided to every single Chinese soldier, which then the Chinese soldiers without the Type 25, had to use it’s former standard rifle, which was the Type 95.

        I doubt Treyarch would include both rifles in the multiplayer, they probably had the type 95 in the game to present the ideas I said (all about the rush etc) within the Campaign, and they would just simply put the Type 25 in the multiplayer simply because it’s a more modern or futuristic design of the type 95 rifle.

        That should be enough from me, I probably made many reader’s eye hurt after seeing a huge wall of text.

        • Jgspinelli

          Pay attention, there are two types of Type-95. QBZ.A-1995 and QBZ.B-1995. The “B” type is a BattleRifle while the “A” type is a Carbine rifle. They could bring the two models of this gun.

      • Bozzie

        The answer is probably a lot more simple. The XM8 and T95 were probably the original names in early development, the M8A1 and T25 are just fictional renditions of these guns that makes more sense to be used. For example, the An94 is now being used instead of the Ak47, which was a mainstay for most of the COD series that took place after its production.

        • incubusman421

          lol, Russian forces stopped using the AK47 in large by the 1960s… They had switched to the AKM. By the 70s they switched caliber with the AK74… Idk why treyarch and IW still have them with AK47s. Most of the old AK47 designs aren’t even produced in Russia these days. There are Chinese and Pakistani clones all over the world.

        • ding ding ding.. we have a WINNER!! 😉

      • Ben_man09

        So then what year was the type 100 made in if it was a part if world war II

    • incubusman421

      There were some technical issues with the XM8 that made it less than desireable during it’s first testing… the grip would begin to melt off after a lot of rounds had been fired. If you look at the (X)M8(A1) in the game, it has a physical feature on it that you don’t see in the old XM8. there appears to be something like a gas block at the front of the forestock… Perhaps the design ‘evolved’ somewhat.

  • perreologia19

    in the game must add the HK416 is extremely lethal firearm and eficas in iraq war in my opinion this assault rifle is 3 sometimes better than the XM8 even better than the Magpul M4A1….would be incredible to use the HK416 in CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 2…Please Treyarch to add to the game that majestic firearm 😀

    • incubusman421

      I think that the Scar platform is winning out over the HK4xx guns… The Scar is already in use with some US Army Ranger units. It’s a different design from the AR type design of the M16/M4 and HK4xx. So I think it’s probably going to edge out and win over the HKs, CM901 and even the ACR… Those other guns could still be used by the most elite special forces though (CIA’s SAD, Seal team 6 and Delta)

      • incubusman421

        PS: SWAT and border patrol also use a variety of weapons not seen on the battlefield.

      • perreologia19

        Hansjürgen you think the HK416 can to be like an assault rifle more in BLACK OPS 2 ???

      • The SCAR-H has been adopted. US military no longer supports the SCAR-L as of 2011. However it will never replace the M4A1 in my opinion.

  • Yey, thats my image bottom-left that I tweeted to Charlie-Intel. Feel so proud!

    • MyBananasBigger

      Actually, that’s mine.

      • Actually both of you guys did. I forgot whos photo I used! LOL

  • Michael

    They played the demos at E3 which could mean they made the demos, but have worked on the game since then and updated the names of the guns

  • Oriole5

    I wonder if the guns have different names for when your playing in the 1980’s and 2025. They might be about the same thing, but updated features and a new name for the future.

  • MeLoNhEadSeb

    For the Type 95 pickup icon thing, it is in capitals and looks more transparent and less detailed than the Type 25 one which is in lower case.

    • Thats only because of the image quality from the video was used

      • MeLoNhEadSeb

        That shouldn’t change the font type though….

    • Silver

      The font type is different between Black Ops 2 and MW3. Its not the same game nor is it made by the same exact companies.

  • Benjamin Trost5

    Well the M8A1 is not a differnt version of the xm8, its the grenade lancher on your wrist. If you look at the bottom left hand corner it shows a rectangle. Thats the futuristic lancher or something that appears to have a select fire.

    • Jgspinelli

      The gun is “XM8A1”, the “X” means “Experimental” (Because this gun was a prototype and they stop making this gun since 2005)

      • It was never the XM8A1, only XM8. It would have eventually became the M8A1 if adopted by the military.

        • Maverick

          Correct with one addition…If adopted it would become the M8, and M8A1 would be after the first significant modification to the platform. For instance the you have the M16, and the M16A1 is the addition of a forward assist, or the M9 pistol and M9A1 adds a Picatinny rail. I don’t know if its still current but the Army would M for mode, and A for modifications, where the Navy would use Mk. and Mod.

  • sorry for the typos

  • I’m guessing that the type 95 is a longer barrel 3 burst version, and the type 25 is a carbine/ full auto version. Or it’s just an early change of the guns name.

    • The gameplay shown indicates its an automatic but it looks like MP will have a select fire option.

  • Jgspinelli

    XM8 is “Experimental” M8, because it was a prototype, in BOII this gun is “real”, so they cut the name “X”

    Type-95: QBZ 1995.
    Type-25: QBZ 2025.

    • Disregard the comment I said about the XM8 or the M8, your right.

    • Lemon

      Ahhhhh I like your thinking. lol

  • Wow 28 comments so far!! ;P

  • Hey C.I. I saw the 5 minute video of the campaign missons showcase at E3, and I saw a 5.7 in Cayman Trench, can you please update it to the weapon list.

  • You can see the FN 5.7 at 3:14–3:15 on youtube it has been uploaded by a few others, but the person that uploaded the vid that I watched is Pwn0fTheDead……. sorry I couldn’t just lead you to the vid.

  • This looks alot like the pistol on the cover for BO2, all it is is a decked out 1911 (airsoft version)

  • The (airsoft) Magpul M4 that might be in BO2, I think it will be. Looks the same as the weapon on a poster of black ops 2. You already knew that I’m guessing.

  • perreologia19


  • perreologia19


  • Kevin341

    i think the type 25 is fully auto

  • thumbs if u want XCR 🙂

  • Sahir

    Well now we know it’s the M8A1 and the Type 25, problem solved.

  • Brandon Reyes

    Grandicimo idiota … la Type-95 de mw3 es de 3 disparos al igual que la M16, al a;o el ejercito de los E.U trata de hacer una mejora en cada una de sus armas y no es raro que osen cambiar de nombre por que se diferencian entre si , no precisamente por su aspecto , si no por la función de la arma , en Black Ops 2 sale ya una versión mas nueva y mejorada de la Type-95 .Mejorada en que? no en el aspecto que nada tiene que ver con la función del arma si no en el mecanismo de función que en si La Type-25 a dejado de ser de 3 disparos para convertirse en Modo Rafaga como la ACR 6.8 o la AK-47 , Creo que con esto también podrás comprender porque el M4A1 a cambiado su nombre , y es que la verdad no cambian! Solo son diferentes Modelos! .

  • nV

    416 is in the game (M27) and so is the SCAR-H and 556. I don’t see the XCR or M6a4 actually replacing the M4 and being a gun of the future though

    The SCAR L is pretty much a dead gun now. No military task force uses it anymore. It is obsolete because the M27 and Scar-H are both improvements.

    I do agree with the M8 thing though. I hate that gun being in ANY video game. Should of been the ACR.

  • COD player115

    Or the different names could be for copywrite issues.

  • for the type 25
    I find it shares many similarities with the Sar 21
    it’s like a cleaned up version
    as if they liked the performance but didn’t like the design of the real gun

  • ..

  • Aoujnfmnojn

    what they’ve done for bo2 is adding some futuristic shit to old/existing weapons: looks @ the scar-h from bo2, then the 1 from wikipedia, and then the hamr. it is exactly the same fram etc. for the xm8, it actually fell pretty much out of the race in 2008(the year that it was stopped from being produced as a test model 2) as the battery for the built-in reddot was living for a minute or 2, and the handgrip melted as soon as it fired too much bullets

  • Rcrssmn

    Besides some name and cosmetic differences, the difference between the T95 and t25 could be internal, after all the AR 10 and AR 15 look identical but one fires a bigger bullet, and the M16 and AR 15 look the same and fire the same bullet, but AR15s are only semi auto. the XM8 and M8A1 are two different stages of one gun, the M8A1 is a more effective and less deffective version. You’ll also notice that the m27 is in the game, a m4 with a different bolt design that allows it to fire open bolt in full auto, just like the m6 and HK416

  • lassitershawn

    HK-416 is essentially M27, SCAR is in the game, SIG 556 is in the game and lets face it, the XM8 is way cooler than the rest of those.

  • Rage of ManBearPig

    The X in XM8 is because it is not a production weapon. Back in the 60’s the M16 was called the X16, so I guess the developers took a wild guess as to what would the XM8 would be called if ever mass produced. Which of course probably will never happen, since project salvo chose the FN SCAR over the XM8, and since H&K scrapped the projet in favor of the HK416.

  • zappierchimp

    It’s very possible for the XM8 project to be put back in production. If it’s possible for Boeing to make a jet rendition of the famous V-22 osprey, then this is a peice of cake! (I am refering to the VTOL because this shares a lot of visual resembalence)