No release date is known but it’s safe to assume it might be released on Nov. 13th along with consoles and PC.

Will you be answering the call for $49.99? The dual analog sticks on the PS Vita might make this the best FPS on the go. Let us know in the comments below.


SOURCE: Amazon Via PSVitaHub

  • They changed the font and logo hey originally showed at e3

  • Leonel

    I’m guessing this is going to be Black Ops 2 because the design matches Black Ops 2 with the addition to Declassified.

    • cockoff

      if it was Black Ops 2 it would say Black Ops 2. However, the fact the logo now matches the Black Ops 2 styling it would tend to suggest that this game will be based upon Black Ops 2, ie. in the future, but won’t be the same game.

  • Camjammoeller

    Black ops 2