On June 6th, several members of the media were granted access to Black Ops 2’s brand new multiplayer are were kept under a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and were not allowed to discuss anything they saw. Appearently 2 people didn’t get the memo.. You remember a couple days ago when a member of IGN posted 2 photos (new MP H.U.D. and player list) over Instagram which were removed a few minutes later..

Now according to MP1st, a member from Shacknews, Garnet Lee (who was invited to the MP play session), uploaded a podcast which REVEALED massive changes made to Black Op 2 multiplayer. The podcast has now been edited and re-uploaded and all the details have been removed.

Create-A-Class 3.0:

-10 point allocation system replaces primary/secondary/grenades slot system Guns, attachments, equipment, perks take up allocation points.
*ex.) you could have 2 primary weapons which would use most of your points and only have 1 perk.
-Taken out “slot system”.
-Option to start with no weapons, load up on perks and equipment.
-You start out with 10 choices/options per class.
-New wager match variations.
-New “Friend/Foe identifier” attachment.

David Vonderhaar once said in a behind the scenes video, “create a class is sweet.. choose what’s the most important things to you, and forget about the things that are not important…This will open up doors for playstyles you have not seen. It’s going to be fantastic.”

** You can download the original “Un-Edited” Podcast here (starts 14:30min mark) **


  • This is brilliant. Makes it so people can’t use so called “over powered” classes. I really like what 3arc is doing.

  • corporatenothing

    Good article, and thanks for properly citing your sources, something many similar blogs fail to do. I’m not calling out any related Call of Duty sites, either, just making a general statement about how easily inaccurate, unsourced information floats around the internet.
    Can you point us to a specific timecode where the multiplayer details are discussed in the podcast so we don’t have to listen to the entire thing?

    • corporatenothing

      Oh, cool, I see the timecode now. Nevermind.

  • I like it. If you want all the stealth perks you have to make sacrifices. I think I’ll be doing traditional builds and just sacrificing a secondary weapon for more perks.

  • Lilcritt

    go to 14:30

  • am i still aloud to choose 3 perks?

  • i think this is stupid the only thing wrong with mw3 were the killstreaks, weapon balancing, and dropshotting and you cant stop camping so that doesnt matter
    UPDATE: And deathstreaks

    • corporatenothing

      Please go away. Treyarch doesn’t intend to improve upon Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3. They intend to improve upon THEIR game, Black Ops. Just because you don’t like that Treyarch is doing something different and interesting with Black Ops II doesn’t mean it’s “stupid.”

    • cockoff

      Drop shotting in what sense? That MW3 is easy to, or not easy to? I’ve hardly come across drop shotting, but it was prolific in Black Ops as it takes more time to kill someone, whereas in MW3 you’re usually dead by the time you reach the crouch position.

      • i think it was easy people would just be like michael jackson but fall full way really fast and get up really fast i see a lot of people dropshot in my screen maybe thats different for you

        • Kenny Pham

          Is it lag?

    • hot natured

      This makes sense and it’s balanced and isn’t shit as MW3 that was all a mess. You’re a bit retard.

      • never said that but these things is what made it worse tell me what else is bad in the game weapon balancing is the most reason the game is bad and add in the small maps. It doesnt has major problems like mw2 so i cant think of 10 other things they need to fix youre a complete dumbass

        • DIZ IZ DAVID

          I have to say that MW3 ripped us off! On the back of the case it says something like “The best game on Xbox 360” <– That's a lie, can't I technically sue them for that, I would be happy if they just released Black Ops again the exact same way it was and I would still prefer it to MW3's shitty Support pointstreaks! WHY MAKE THE STEALTH BOMBER (The best killstreak in my opinion although I use specialist) THEN PUT IT IN THE SHITTY GUYS POINTSTREAK! So many campers using support it pisses me off!

      • that other comment wasnt for you but i can see your point ill try it out see where it goes


      Ummmmm I know another thing that you did not mention. The theater mode which has plagued Black Ops and MW3. Ever notice how in the killcam that you’re not in the same place as you thought you were that’s because of the theater mode. I like theater mode but I would rather have a playable game.

    • Blake96

      Actually, the perk ghost stops working if you don’t move.

  • Josh R

    Wouldn’t this be create-a-class 3.0 or 4.0? Because I thought mw2 was technically c-a-c 2.0.

    • Rob Schneider

      well really they just added more stuff, this thing with black ops 2 is a new thing unlike the previous create a classes

      • //[email protected]”””//

        Black ops was cac 2.0 this will be 3

        • Blake96

          Why 3.0? Why not 2.5 😛

  • rubarush

    Yah this makes sense, maybe if you wanted the x-ray scope as a attachment you would have to give up all your perks.

  • Guest

    this doesn’t make any sense at all to me… someone wanna dumb down the explanation for me?

    • cockoff

      You have 10 points for which to create your class from.

      Different things will be worth different amounts of points.

      For example, a primary weapon might cost 3 points and a secondary weapon might cost 1 point, and perks and equipment might also cost 1 point each.

      So if you wanted the standard setup, 1 gun, 1 secondary, 3 perks, 3 equipment you’d have used 10 points. Primary +3, secondary +1 (4 points), perks x 3 +3 (7 points), equipement x 3 +3 (10 points).

      But you might find that when playing the game you rarely use all 3 equipment pieces, but you might want extra perks, so you could have your primary and secondary with 6 perks and no equipment.

  • Korflock

    So COD points are returning? nice!

    What about Gold/highrank camos?

    • //[email protected]”””//

      Cod points was awesome and so where the gold camos

    • cockoff

      This isn’t COD Points, but given how proud they were of COD Points I’m sure we’ll see them returning.

      I’m also sure Gold camo will return – though I’d also like to see additional camo, like a Platinum or something.

    • Blake96

      I’d like to see a system sort of like MSPaint where you can design your own camoflauge. That or pick up premade shapes and lie them on top of each other sort of like in blops when you made your playercard, to make a camo.

  • listen here there are only 5 classes and over a lot of primaries as you progress in the game and start unlocking more primaries you would want to use them you cant just keep adding to other classes cuz u get 5 so lets say you want replace a gun in that class and have no more points that would be dumb cuz youre not able to try out other guns how would it work

    • cockoff

      Black Ops has 10 classes. MW3 has 5 classes.

      We do not know how BO2 will work, if they have the Prestige Shop from MW3 then maybe it will only be 5 classes, but best not to assume just yet.

      • im not talking about when you prestige im talking about before you start off with 5 classes and if you run out of points and want to try out a different gun would youm have to wait to prestige is my question

        • Bob

          It’s quite hard to comprehend what you’re asking for. Are you stating that when your levelling up, you unlock a weapon that you want to try, but however all your 5 classes are occupied with different setups. And what you fear is that when you change one of the weapons from one of the class, to the unlocked weapon, you fear there will be insufficient points for the unlocked weapon.

          Well, to answer your question, I doubt Treyarch will make each weapon have different value, it’s probably that the primary weapon will have a fixed value. For example, you have a setup of with XM8 with a value of 3 points, and when you get the Type 25, it will probably have the same value aswell since it’s within the primary weapon catagory. But if you fear of losing a class, I’m sure you can save them, from what I heard from the podcast.

          • im just saying if you have a assault rifle and want to switch it to a different one will it cost you but oyu pracitcally answered my question thanks

          • DIZ IZ DAVID

            I think I get what your saying, you will (I say that loosely) have 10 points for EACH class so that way you could have a class with just perks or go commando and just use weapons. Hopefully if you use two primary weapons then you will run like an old midget with broken legs!

  • Andy

    did you hear when he said he had a “friend foe identifier” on his gun? So I guess the spy perk is real.

    • The FFI sounds like it might be the heartbeat sensor

      • Andy

        I hope not, all the heartbeat sensor did was help campers

        • Blake96

          And people who liked to run and gun in snd, domination, and a multitude of other game.

  • Pulse Chaos

    Ah, now it makes sense why Vahn responded to a user named ONLYUSEMEBLADE saying “you’ll thank me later” cause according to this u can only use you knife and have lots perks and stuff and kill someone for their gun.

    • Xmikaelmox

      damn right!

  • no one should have a big advantage over another person because they have no gun everyone should start out with a gun thats like sending someone on a military mission and one person isnt given a gun

    • cockoff

      err, what? It is your choice if you want a gun or not. Some people like using knives, and then there will be some that will take the ‘risk’ of not having a gun, then picking one up, meaning they have lots more perks/equipment/etc than someone else with a gun.

    • Echo

      Well, ever heard over ‘procured-on-site’? Yea they do that in top secret military branches for literal black op type missions. So there is no trace back to you.

  • perreologia19


    • Xxkrisbonnxx

      I’ve been really wanting that weapon in call of duty…unfortunately it haven’t seen it yet. Maybe at gamescon

  • //[email protected]”””//

    I hope equipment ( claymore , motion senser, c4, camera spike, tactile insurtions) stay seperate from granades just like blops . They made the the game feel more tactical, when u Dident have to sacrifice flash bangs and frags

    • Lachlan Worthington

      Maybe u can pick 2 of anything?? like a nade and a semtex?? but no flash

  • Jordanbruce

    1.can u change u look on u soldier

  • Elektrobanq

    I wonder if you will be able to use points to add on more than two attachments to one gun. For example, it may allow for a person to use an ACOG, M203, and suppressor on a M16, which would be fucking amazing. I would sacrifice a lot just to have three attachments on a gun. I’ve been waiting for such an option for a long time now.

    • Kennypham4

      Thats practically a BF3 loadout. But it would be cool to have that option.

      • Elektrobanq

        Ya, I did like having that option in BF3, but it would be huge for me if COD allowed for the same option. The guns in COD games in multiplayer, especially Black Ops, are presented, emphasized, and lighted in a way that is different from BF3, which make the guns carry a great deal of personality. Camouflage and clan tags help make this personality even more complex, but I think that allowing for more than two attachments will make a gun’s and player’s personality pop out even more due to the added possibilities and variations. (I have a L96 with ACOG and silencer class in Black Ops simply because it is a combination that is so rarely used that it helps establish a unique personality for the gun.)

      • Blake96

        That is something I’ve been waiting for since COD4. If they brought this out, I would buy the game NQA (no questions asked). I would have to say that the little 4 propeller drone, the hunter killer and the uav would have to be my Killstreak setup

  • hot natured

    One thing I liked from Black Ops was the introduction of COD Points. I like Treyarch imagination and I’m looking forward to what they’re doing with Black Ops 2. I can’t wait for the next title of Treyarch to be honest.

  • Lickthatcow

    Yes! I was getting kind of tired of the cod gameplay mechanics, but this is just enough to switch it up 😀

  • Brendan Keirnan


    • Lachlan Worthington

      I heard they did, and they are making a perk that can shoot and spring/dolphin dive at the same time

      • Medibee

        That leaked list of perks and whatnot is fake.

  • Matfights

    can we still have the 1 primary, 1 secondary, lethal and tactical grenades, then three perks like we are used to in call of duty

  • Narkani

    For those who didn’t understand:
    Your class will start like all other CoD games: 1 Primary, 1 Secondary, Lethal, Tactical, ‘possible equipment’, 3 perks, etc…

    With this new mechanic, you will be able to eliminate what you think you won’t need, like put 2 Primaries and no Secondary. Something like that. Ok? Thanks.

    • Blake96

      Laugh if someone chooses to have like, a sniper, an lmg, an smg and an assault rifle :L

  • Myiceisgreen

    I like it, but the more things you add the more things can go wrong. I just pray there isn’t a freak setup that just makes the entire game just unplayable…please god.

  • Ixmods880

    this is just AMAZING

  • Soul Exist

    The first bow should be in Black ops 2. You should unlock it 25% through your first prestige then as an attachment as you level it up you can attach an explosive tip to it or flamable tip and whoever is next to the flames should get affected, then as you progress with it you should be able to add the crossbow attachment to turn it into a crossbow. And if you have a perk that allows you to equip two attachments you can customize it like the crossbow from black ops and have a crossbow with explosive tip. For the record, Bows are actually used in the Military. and since Black ops 2 has horses, This Weapon should fit right in with the Specials like ballistic vest and Riot shield.

  • Soul Exist

    Heres my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/soulexists

  • Bob

    Although this may be a brilliant system, I just realised players can exploit this system
    e.g. A team mate purposly commits suicide to lend his weapon to a team mate with a class with alot of perks.

    • Blake96

      Maybe they’ll bring in a feature like on Battlefield, where you can’t pick up a person’s kit if they commit suicide.

  • Jose

    now we need Zombies info

    • Zombie


  • Zumo2011

    I could stack up on all perks hide behind someone then when he kills someone, pick up the dead persons gun and you can do that for the rest of the games lol

  • Suphomies101

    ok i understand the 10 point system but i dont understand is that all you get you set up the class and you unlock a new gun can you like take away all the 10 points and re arange it?? or do you get to setup a class before every game like you use 10 point get a gun and perks n attactments then the next game you get it all back or have a option to keep it? example you choose your class an rifle with red dot and silencer 4 points used 3 perks 7 points and a claymore and frag 9 points and use the last on a kill streak or something you like the class play the game and when the game is done it gives you the options to KEEP or CHANGE YOUR CLASS since you got a new gun is that what they mean someone let me know plz

    • Blake96

      Example, using MW3’s perks weapons etc.
      Perk 1: Scavenger, Sleight of Hand. Total Cost(TC): 2
      Perk 2: Nothing. TC: 0
      Perk 3: Steady Aim. TC: 1
      Overall cost so far (OCSF) – 3

      Weapon 1: ACR. Cost of gun 1
      Attachments on ACR: Silencer, Heartbeat, Grenade Launcher and Red Dot Sight. TC of gun and attachments: 5

      Secondary: None. TC: 0
      OCSF – 8

      Claymore, Semtex. TC 2

      OCSF – 10.

      It should work like MW3, where when you change something, it saves it.

      If you decide in game that you’d prefer an ACOG on your ACR, then drop the RDS and put it on.

  • Ivandew39

    Hope they take out second chance

    • Blake96

      They haven’t 🙁

  • Mario Rivera

    droppshotting is not a serous problem that second they take to drop is a second they are vulnerable to get shot. most of the time people that try it on me get shot in the head.

  • Darknight399

    Does this mean I could have 10 guns as long as I don’t use perks, attachments, or equipment? I mean, theoretically (assuming each gun is worth a single point) you could. How would that work if it was like that?

    • Bikerguy21

      Oh my gosh u aren’t getting it you can only have 2 guns. No more! All you get is the option of if it is 2 primaries or a primary and secondary. Basically its the same thing as before except you can take away something to add to another part of your class. There are still only 2 guns and there are still the same amount of other stuff, with the exception of the option to have more perks. and they will probably let you choose to have an extra lethal/tactical grenade.

  • Jonisb