SOURCE: NBC via @RK1Apocalypse

  • Pulse Chaos

    THIS IS NOT NEW! They could of AT LEAST shown us a different Strike Force Mission!
    ” I have been told that this will not just be a trailer — it’s something you probably haven’t seen.” One Of Swords – DUMB ****.

  • BOB

    I don’t know why everyone thought that they were going to show off zombies or something. Why would they show off their best kept secrete on Jimmy Fallon? It’s common sense. Yeah they showed off spec ops survival last year but there was nothing intuitive or game changing to it. Zombies can easily make or break black ops 2 for most people so a reveal on a late night t.v show makes zero

    • Pulse Chaos

      I said AT LEAST a different strike force mission though. That was just stupid and pointless to show exactly what we seen on E3.

    • i’m guessing wrong use of intuitive….

  • Danielpate8

    no zombies?

  • Well I’m mad, same thing at E3!! WHY Treyarch WHY must I wait.

  • Eythan Starcher

    that was just stuped i seen that befor

  • *stupid

  • //[email protected]”””//

    If you watched the Making of Vidio can see the zombies level is far from coplete. So it makes sense why they would not show it. Plus one of swords is a dushbag so it would make sense for him to say you haven’t seen it yet when anyone who goes to his sight almost certainly had watched e3.

  • Hey Cowboy

    They said on Twitter: “All new gameplay coming…” what a joke!

  • Mathematician

    I would like to hear less about Black Ops 2 and more about mw3 DLC. And I also asked for some theater mode pics for all the new maps since you quit doing it during feburary.

  • Based on what they lead up for this to be on Jimmy Fallon, that was total shit. Im disappointed and hope the rest of the game wont be a disappointment…

  • BotMw

    I dislike Jimmy Fallon.