Infinity Ward has just announced that June’s content drop will arrive on June 19th for Xbox 360 ELiTE subscribers. June’s drop should consist of (1) Multiplayer map, (1) Spec-Ops Mission, and (1) “classified” drop. It looks like we won’t get a trailer or pictures till the day before though.

Earlier today, Treyarch also teased the Twitter community that more info on Black Ops 2 Zombies will be revealed soon..


SOURCE: @InfinityWard and @Treyarch

  • TacoYourBell

    This is going to be great!

  • moriarty_1975
    • bobshi

      OK, interesting. MapS with an S. Face Off map and Terminal, I’m guessing. The Face Off map being the classified piece of DLC and then Terminal being an extra bonus (ie. it therefore isn’t paid-for DLC, like they said classic maps wouldn’t be)

  • BOB

    Can’t wait for some zombie action

  • mini dark

    I cant wait for the Zombies
    *having a multiple orgasms at the same time*

  • Soul Exist

    The first bow should be in Black ops 2. You should unlock it 25% through your first prestige then as an attachment as you level it up you can attach an explosive tip to it or flamable tip and whoever is next to the flames should get affected, then as you progress with it you should be able to add the crossbow attachment to turn it into a crossbow. And if you have a perk that allows you to equip two attachments you can customize it like the crossbow from black ops and have a crossbow with explosive tip. For the record, Bows are actually used in the Military. and since Black ops 2 has horses, This Weapon should fit right in with the Specials like ballistic vest and Riot shield. My youtube—> http://www.Youtube.com/SoulExists

    • bobshi

      There will be no horses in multiplayer. The horses part is part of the back story set in the 1980s, not in the future. So to say they can include a bow because there are horses won’t mean anything for MP.

  • Finally!!!!!! ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YES!!!!!!

  • Wwwtwich

    HEEEELLLL YEEEEH!!!!, just looked at this post cuss it said BO2 ZOMBIES!!

  • bobshi

    I’m guessing they’re holding back on showing new content now to avoid clashing with PS3 DLC so they can be a little clearer about what is going on when.

  • Tim Marshall

    Hope the classified content drop is the ak 74u or the remake of rust and shipment for face off !!!

  • K Marie504

    so if theres no gun dlc whats the classified mean

  • Ajsodl22

    It would be really cool if we got Black Ops 2 demos or beta for as like an extra dlc for elite premium users.

  • June Drop

    Its the 18th wheres are info

  • Justtimm8190

    Its june 19 an i got nothing :/