Mark Rubin, Infinity Ward’s Executive Producer, has been very active on twitter lately. His account is @IWMarkRubin in case you haven’t heard and he’s been giving lots of new details regarding what’s currently going on in the studio. Here is a summary of what he has said:

  • Currently, there are no COD4 maps being developed for MW3. Only on Wish List. But for MW2 maps all he says is “No news right now.” “Hope to, but not 100% sure.”
  • Gun DLC issue, here’s our post covering all the details on why gun DLC will not happen.
  • Next patch for Mw3 on Xbox is on June 19th. Details on this are coming soon.
  • New prestige levels (11-20) were added because of community requests
  • IW is working hard on fixing the matchmaking and lag issues. It will take “several patches to fix this”. No ETA yet.
  • IW will be looking into more weapon balancing in the next couple of weeks
  • Spawn system fixes is on the list, not being worked on currently, but they want it to be worked on ASAP
  • Over the next few weeks Mark is going to be looking into more ideas for playlist, including new game modes.
  • Trying his best to get more support for the PC folks
  • ATVI PR really restricts them from telling any DLC news. Mark/Tina had to fight w/ them to get clearance to say next 360 Elite premium drop is coming 6/19. If they didn’t argue with PR, we wouldn’t have known till June 18th.
  • Next Elite Premium Drop for Xbox 360 is coming 6/19. Details on 6/18.
  • They were trying to implement more detailed score boards, but it wasn’t ready before game launch.
  • The disappearing objective markers when you move over them is something Mark is interested in implementing into the “next game”.
  • He will discuss about trying to get a Dome 24/7 playlist, but no promises.

SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin

  • Medibee

    Since there is no ram limitation one PC gun dlc could happen

    • Medibee


      • Mecha75

        That is what I was thinking, but he mentioned that and technical issues (meaning there probably are several other issues). But I wouldn’t have a problem with giving the PC players some love (even though I am PS3)

    • How would that be fair? You can’t just award one platform simply because it is the easiest to do. He said he’d look into to it for all platforms.

  • Mecha75

    He mentioned that Terminal would not be in a DLC, but as a separate drop. Could that be because it would be free like the two face off maps? Or more than likely it is because they are not in the current planned DLC for MW3 (but when has that ever stopped them. i.e. Face Off)

    • incubusman421

      They should just give away the remaining DLC given how crappy this MP is… They should have been trying to figure out new ways to fix the lag since release day one. They knew it was broken when they did their closed beta. I don’t see why they can’t just do limited betas with gamer testers that sign strict NDAs…

  • The Flash

    am i only the one who hates dome

    • Mecha75

      nope. I don’t like it either.

    • Korflock

      I despise that map.


    dome 24/7 pfttt i would rather want to see ”hardhat 24/7”’ he said theres new stuff coming to survival mode

  • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

    “The disappearing objective markers when you move over them is something Mark is interested in implementing into the “next game”.”

    Come the fuck on, really? That’s not even a RAM issue. Hell, it’s not even an issue issue. Black Ops is 18 months old and could do it, there is quite literally no excuse for it not to just be hotfixed in.

  • theTF141clan

    More Activision “BS” i mean PR! Great.
    Sounds like they just spent a bunch of money to run some trailer and want their money wasted. (Yes, I said that correct 😉
    It’s not like 2v2 was such an amazing thing ACTIVISION!

  • Korflock

    ‘The disappearing objective markers when you move over them is something Mark is interested in implementing into the “next game”.’

    uhhhhhh……… do it this game…

  • Link

    Several patches to fix lag issues?!? Just might as well wait for BO2