Lots of rumors started back in January when Robert Bowling [ex-Community Strategist for IW] said that they are looking into bringing a variety of DLC, and murmured the word “gun” and “dlc” together. Well we are 6 months into the content season and no Gun DLC at all. We now have reasons as to why you won’t be seeing gun DLC any time soon.

Mark Rubin, IW’s Executive Producer, has been very (very) active on Twitter. Recently he’s discussed why gun DLC is not a possibility, but its something he’ll keep looking into. Here are the reasons why:

  • Each map has limited amount of memory for guns. There is no more space left to add more guns.
  • RAM space is full, and very limited now
  • Too many tech issues to complete before adding it
  • RAM space for maps is different than Hard Space for maps. RAM is very full.
  • Takes too much time to integrate guns into every map
  • If they prepare the game for more guns before it launches, then there would be no problem at all. But for MW3 they didn’t prepare it.
  • They don’t want to add more playlists [players w/ new guns ; players without new guns playlist]

Our past Gun DLC CONCEPTS:

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SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin

  • Trialomnivore

    Then did battelfield 3 gun built into the maps before it came out (the dlc weapons)?

    • Rick Kump

      I don’t think so. I think they give all players the updates for free (but locked until you pay to access it), so players with and without the new guns can still play together, but if you yourself want access to the new guns, you have to pay to unlock the content they gave you in that latest “free” 2.4gb update.

      • You’re exactly right. I just downloaded the BF3 update the other day. I can see the new maps on the server browser and new guns that other people have, but I cannot join a server that is playing a map I do not own. I haven’t tried to pick up one of the new guns from someone I’ve killed, but I assume that they will not allow me to.

        Also, did they really say, “Takes too much time to integrate guns into every map”? They made a Billion dollars on this game alone. That’s more than enough money for them to continue working on a game post-launch. It wouldn’t shock me if all of the DLC maps were finished before the game launched.

        Maybe I will not have the time to drive to Gamestop and pull 60 bucks out of my wallet to buy MW4. Or whatever the next IW game is called.

        • Nathan

          Are you retarded why would you ask questions about why they won’t add gun DLC when the fucking article is above the comment section. Holy fuck people are retarded.

    • James K

      The use less RAM so they manage to add guns.

    • Keshav

      DICE has made space and done things before the game came out because the always wanted to add more guns. IW was never adding new guns so they didn’t prepare. So there can’t be gun DLC for MW3

  • Roxas3510

    Thank you. This is one of the many reasons people didn’t like Bowling, he never explained anything. Anything you asked him was greeted with either a smart remark or a generic answer. All he had to do was explain why certain things don’t happen and he wouldn’t have taken the blame for everything when he more than likely had no control over any of it.

  • James K

    Next gen it is.

    • Mecha75

      That is what I was thinking. But atleast here is something they could give to the PC crowd since they got the shaft for everything else.

  • Brian

    i wonder if they will make bo2 or the next cod after bo2 support gun dlc becqause everyone is so hyped up for this one

    • Wdsda

      I wonder the same thing

  • lMattW

    Yup, Mark Rubin is everything that Robert Bowling should have been, and that Tina WhatsHerName is supposed to be now. He’s been answering questions non-stop on twitter. Good man.

  • Devin Wolfe

    T_T no Intervention or M40A3 this makes me so sad

  • Lildudexst

    They liein like always just bull shit they telling us. just plan lie so telling me battlefield3 with more shit in adding gun like crazy.Ghost recon future soldier is the same way with gunn.
    Mark Rubin stop story telling you know it can be done very easy.

  • Soul Exist

    This i BullShit! Why the fuck would Infinity Ward tell us that it’s possible in the first place? How hard is it to just add a couple of guns in each weapon category? Removing one game mode is all that it would take. for example NOBODY WANTS NEW GAME MODES IF IT’LL AFFECT GUN DLC. This is why Treyarch will always be the better company (even though i fucking hate the fact that they don’t add quickscoping)… IW is always stealing peoples shit. They Stole the Sam Turret and the team “Delta Force” before you kno it when black ops 2 realizes its fans want gun DLC’s, and ACTUALLY give it to us, Iw is goin to copy their idea in Thier next Cod. It’s really a disappointment… Message me on youtube if you want. http://www.youtube.com/SoulExist

    • Mister John…

      Okay, first of all, you hate Treyarch for not tolerating quickscoping? Really!? It’s a cheap tactic of using a Sniper rifle as a shotgun and is not even much impressive to anyone at all (unless some 12- noob is in the lobby). Treyarch takes that out, less bullshit is implemented and makes people use the Sniper Rifle LIKE IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE USED! They want people to ACTUALLY SNIPE!
      Second of all, Neversoft is working on the next COD after Black Ops II.

      • Devin Wolfe

        Actually Quick-scoping is a skill and if you think it isn’t you can tell that to Optic Faze zzigrizz and the rest of the sniper community and FYI IW is going to be making another COD because they put out a job listing for some one to aid in th making of a FPS for a next gen console

        • F_S_Nitro66

          Working on your reaction time to abuse aim assist with the one sniper rifle that’s effected by it the most isn’t skill, AT ALL. So unless you’re quickscoping in CoD4 or BO really you aren’t shit to anyone cause every little kid and their grandmother can do it, this is one of the if not easiest FPS to play after all not much skill just quick thinking.

          Anyways, shame no weapon DLC is possible. Was hoping for some LMG’s that didn’t suck or simple made it possible to do something besides camp out in a small area (movement penalty, aim penalty, improved accuracy when laying down etc). This game needed something along the lines of MW2’s rendition of the AUG or RPD. The retards at IW put the outdated WW2 sight on the M60 instead of replacing it like TA did in BO or how they themselves did on the L86. Things like this are why I plan to only give TA a chance when i comes to CoD. They actually try when designing a game and put actual thought into how things will affect gameplay.

  • CesarDOC

    battlefield 3 did it and they’re running the game at the best performance

    • Guest

      30 fps.

  • Sgtpourya

    i want too use DLC guns