In what shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, Black Ops 2 will be getting dedicated servers for the PC. The big questions is, will they be ranked or un-ranked dedicated servers?

And seeing as how this is a PC only mag, we’re pretty sure they’re referring to PC’s and not consoles (for those people asking)

UPDATE: Treyarch’s “Director of technology” (@pcdev) just confirmed via Twitter that Dedicated Servers will be ranked.

SOURCE: PC Gamer Magazine

  • Im sure more people would play/buy BOII if they did have dedi servers for PS3/xbox. Would make it more enjoyable for all of us!

  • They better be nothing less than the original black ops dedicated servers. Which means that there will be ranked. I am hoping they will let there be more than one provider, because gameservers isn’t the best provider. Not only that but the dedicated servers were constantly having stability issues and crashing, and just an overall nightmare for server owners considering the fact that Treyarch hardly gave us any features to admin our server unless we had either a computer on 24/7 or were playing 24/7.

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    I hope they are ranked. I play call of duty on Xbox for mw3 ( barly) and black ops(lots) and also have cod4 waw and black ops on pc so I can play with my other friends and black ops was good but needed radiant mods from waw so if they bring those back plus better options for server owners and il buy two copys.

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    I really hope that Dedicated servers could come to CONSOLES ALSO! It would make the game SOO MUCH EASIER TO FINE A DECENT MATCH!

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