Neversoft studios has updated their website to reveal that they are now developers on the Call of Duty franchise. It’s not known if they are a lead developer on a brand new Call of Duty title or if they’re going to be in a supporting role for current or future titles.

“We have molded our team into a crack squad of eager developers ready to push the First Person Action genre in support of Activision’s Call of Duty franchise,”

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear more…

SOURCE: Neversoft Via Gameinformer

  • Vinewoodk1

    Cod is dead. Wow.

    • Noahlux772

      Your an idiot they just sold more copies then ever yet their dead that makes no sense idiot!!!

      • Sryd3r

        I think he is talking about mw3, they had lots of cool things, just didn’t execute them as well as they could have. I know i was really eager to get mw3, and it was fine until about a month into it. Stealth bombers people could get just for being sucky players, terrible spawns, there’s just too much wrong with the game. I think BOII will bring a fresh look to COD

        • ” I think BOII will bring a fresh look to COD”
          Or so we hope…

      • incubusman421

        People think that because a game is heavily criticized, it’s dead… Criticism is a sign of life… if nobody criticized it, it would be dead…

  • Itzasly

    they worked on Mw3 too, the provided the code for the dog tags in Kill confirmed.

  • Sryd3r

    This may be a new Cod they are working on, they are looking for lead developers on several fronts including multiplayer, single player, and senior conceptual artists

  • Rsc-arni

    Call of Duty 2013 developped by Sledgehammer and Neversoft ? Same week and the two studios put jobs offers in their website !

  • Rsc-arni

    We can see they do motion capture

  • rango

    Activision got rid of infinity ward

    • Sryd3r


  • Dont get rid of Infinity Ward 🙁

  • Rsc-arni

    Iw is doing a next gen project. Maybe a cod set.to release in 2014. So activision ask nevesoft to develop 2013 game. why not ? We know since one year that neversoft work on a fps and their last game realesed in2010 maybe 3 years of developemznt