Activision’s “VP Of Productions” Daniel Suarez has confirmed that theater mode and wager matches are coming to the all new “MP engine” Zombie mode. Fan’s will now be able to make their own “Zombie Movies”.

*Zombie talk starts at 2:25min mark

SOURCE:  BePopVox Via @RK1Apocalypse

  • Matuzz

    me and my 4 friends vs you and your 4 friends… wait a minute… 5vs5 zombies!

    • T97

      i think that he meant 4vs4…

    • Wdsda

      troll mode on

  • GiraffesRock31

    Wager matches in zombies that’s pretty interesting but how is this gonna work?

  • Benjamin Trost5

    Holy crap this game is going to be amazing!!!!!!

  • corporatenothing


  • corporatenothing

    Also, they mocapped the horse with the balls and everything.

  • //[email protected]”””//

    So if wager matchs are returning than so are cod points. Thank god I’m sick of grinding to unlock atachments

  • Alex C

    im Liking It Because Its Cod Xp

  • Pulse II Chaos

    Well say hello to, epic Zombie montages!

  • Mathematician

    Aren’t you going to tell us about the MW3 DLC details for the June DLC?