*Screenshots and more details coming later today…

Infinity Ward has just announced the new content drops for Xbox Elite Premium Members. This new content will be available tomorrow for Xbox Elite Subscribers.

Content Drops are:

  • Face-off: Vortex
  • Face-off: U-Turn
  • Face-off: Intersection
  • Spec Ops: Arctic Recon

Mark Rubin has tweeted this in regard to the NO MP Maps:

“I’ll be posting a link to the patch notes today as soon as they are updated. Also, I know a lot of people have been loving the Faceoff maps and so glad to bring those to you guys. Also I know some people haven’t really gotten into them and would prefer regular MP maps. We didn’t have any maps done in time for this drop, but we do have some coming soon. Also that will probably be the last of the Faceoff maps that we make so hope everyone who has been loving them as much as I have enjoy the new ones coming tomorrow.”

Also Mark is asking ATVI to update Calendar to provide accurate info.

SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin

  • Dhgf4m0us

    I really like Mark Rubin. I think he is the only thing we have to save Infinity Ward

    • bobshi

      you know what I’ve got a lot of respect for the guy since the started tweeting lately, they’re finally spreading news to the community properly.

    • Just a heads up: Mark has been w/ IW since Call of Duty 2.

  • Mitch

    He also said this are probably the last Face-Off maps on the content calendar.

    • Mecha75

      But he still has rust and shipment in his wishlist so there still might be those two added to Face-Off.

      • Mitch

        those aren’t on the Content Calendar. Content Calendar only has new maps and mission. Rust and Shipment will be free to everyone if released.

  • Mecha75

    Why is Vortex separate? Is it another Free Drop?

    • Mitch

      of course you didn’t notice CI edited this -_-

    • We photoshopped that pic =). No Free maps this month.

  • Dave

    Really give us some old MW2 maps then I hate face off

  • Repleteorb2

    no more face off maps MW2 maps and where is the campaign missions they said that where going to get. 🙁

    • Mecha75

      Relax. he said they are not planning any New Face-Off maps (though Shipment and Rust may get thrown in there). As for MW2 maps, Terminal is ready but there are some internal Activision/IW politics that have to be sorted out before it’s dropped.

  • Wdsda

    In Mark Rubin we trust

  • Mitch

    Mark Rubin confirmed 2 other maps: Shipbreaker and Terminal, here, look at these tweets!
    Dakota Staton ‏@Unbound_GT
    @IWMarkRubin why was shipbreaker and terminal in the mw3 maps on ps3

    @Unbound_GT Prep for upcoming maps. Terminal is still on the fence but we are rdy if we can launch that one.

  • Jeff

    PLEASE DONT ADD THE FACE OFF! BRING BACK THE OLD MAPS please. Nobody likes face off so just bring back an Mw2 map!

    • corporatenothing

      Please don’t say “nobody likes Face Off.” If YOU don’t like Face Off, that’s cool, but YOU don’t speak for everyone, so don’t.

    • Mecha75

      Hi. I am nobody and I love Face-Off. Tons of fun. I think you hate it because you might lack the skill to compete 1v1 or lack a decent partner(s) for the 2v2 and 3v3 modes. So you keep losing. I keep winning so I like it.

  • lMattW

    I’m genuinely surprised they are going a whole month without a normal multiplayer map. IMO they will need at least 3 normal maps in July to flesh out the next collection.
    I already thought Collection 2 was weak with only 3 MP maps, but the 2 free face off maps kinda made up for it.

  • Bryson

    didnt the calender say it was going to be a multiplayer map, a mission and a classified drop????

  • Unknown

    I am pissed they are catering to this bullshit face-off mode. It fucking sucks!

    • Mecha75

      I think it is awesome. I don’t have to worry about some noob sitting in a corner shooting me as I am about to get a kill on one of his rushing teammates.

  • Briggs6160

    Wow they kept that a secret face off maps fuck face off i dont play face off like the other 85% that dont play face off…

    • moriarty_1975

      Source on that 85% comment?

  • The Flash

    why cant i see the maps in the content calendar?


    they need to a back to basics mode, just UAV / Airstrike / Chopper only hand full of guns / only a rpg / frag / c4 / claymore / no assassin recon ect

    make it more COD4 style

    these face off modes are shit, wheres the game ”mission dlc” now where gettin told its spec op shit…

    why not do add on bits for survive mode, extra camos, emblems extras ect.

    elite was a big hype. over rated

  • Dissapointed

    The general CoD population couldnt give 2 fucks about face-off you can argue with me if you will but its the truth go and have a look how many people are playing it compared to other playlists. HOLY FUCK i cant even begin to explain how disapointed i am with the money i spent on elite woooow up untill now i have been trying to say to myself yeah it will get better the classifieds coming out soon , maybe its the campaign add on , maybe its a new game mode like spec ops , But nah never keep your hopes up with inifinity ward the useless pricks. You cant fucking say classified and then just drop some shitty Face off maps which obviously take no fucking time to make when will they learn they actually have to satisfy there god damn customers!

    • Mecha75

      really? I can tell you that I have had to tell my Elite Clanmates to download even the free maps. They were completely unaware of the new Face-Off modes. And I am sure the casual gamer (who makes up most of the general population, meaning not you and your buddies) doesn’t even know the maps or game modes exist. If they did, I am sure it would skew your numbers.

      • Dissapointed

        Do your clan mates live under a Fucking rock or something? they even had it written in green text on the main multiplayer lobby FREE MAPS…………

  • Titan1x77

    Maybe if they added the game modes they were suppose to in the first place, Faceoff would have more players

  • Titan1x77

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jVSMtEktrs&feature=plcp As you can see there was dom flags, SND or demo bomb sites. On launch day the description also included FFA and I think CTF, what happen, why did they remove these gamemodes?

  • I think people that hate face-off are probably campers, they hate having few people to camp, face-off is the best game type in mw3

  • Yay look, its not terminal. And its for face off mode too? Oh wow you guys always deliver what the community wants. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS