Tonight on XPlay, Mark Lamia (Treyarch Studio Head), will be on the show giving a ‘huge demo of Black Ops 2’. XPlay airs at 6:30pm EST on G4 in the US Only.

Last time Black Ops 2 was on Xplay they showed clips from the trailer along with an interview, hopefully we’ll get to see a new mission today but don’t get your hopes up. As soon as a video is up, we will post it!

SOURCE: @XPlay via @nickc3838

  • Mitch

    Maybe the other Strike Force?

  • Blabla

    I hope zombies

  • PLEASE BE ZOMBIES were all tired of waiting

    • Mister John…

      We get a Zombies Trailer on June 21st!

      • The Flash

        well that wasnt the case

  • Adam

    I want tit to be zombies but im not gonna get my hopes up again like i did for jimmy fallen….. although it is more plausible because of the tweet from 3arch saying zombie fans stay tune… i guess we will see

  • mi kahl

    This is most likely gonna be another strike force mission it might be even at singapore again just like at E3 and at Jimmy Fallon just to spread the news for those who doesn’t know yet…or could it? I remember Treyarch tweeting that they are releasing info about zombies soon and that was about 6 days ago. Could this really be it?

    • Adam

      ehem ….. i just said that….

      • mi kahl

        lol i didn’t know just scrolled down and saw your comment and i was like dam almost exactly like mines.

  • ZOMBIES!!!!!!!

  • BOB

    I hope it’s the zombies but i’ll be happy if they just show some brand new campaign footage that shows off some new weaponry

  • Eythan Starcher

    somting good

  • Chris Pratt

    hope its zombies but dont get your hopes up people. they’ll probably just show some lame mission where they dont show much

  • hot natured


    • BBSX

      Stay on youtube, please.

  • Guest

    it was just more gameplay of the Strike force mission in Singapore that we saw during E3 and 2 Interviews with Mark´╗┐ Lamia(one during the Singapore Strike Force mission Gameplay and the other was just a normal interview)

  • Guest

    Treyarch has a trailer announced for June 21st, and they tweeted “For everyone asking about Zombies, stay tuned… http://pic.twitter.com/EVE96Cmv
    so obviously there’s gonna be something HUGE and Zombies related inside of that trailer, maybe it’ll be a Zombie Only Trailer, i doubt that, but it will still probably have alot of Zombie stuff in it.

  • No youtube link yet?