Arctic Recon

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*Still waiting on a photo of the 3rd Face-Off map “Intersection”..

  • IW and SH really love that brown color pallet, don’t they?

    • Alec Sisson

      No, Treyarch with Black Ops 1 did.

      • //[email protected]”””//

        debatable. But black ops maps>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>horse crap>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>sewage>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>twinkies>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ur mom>>>>>>>> mw3 maps

  • Wdsda


  • Jgspinelli

    They need more “colorfull” maps, gray maps like interchange, downturn, arkaden, lockdown are boring as hell.

  • lMattW

    On twitter Tina said that U-Turn and Vortex count as a single piece of DLC (like Getaway and Lookout last month).

  • Nerf

    why does everyone like the bright maps, i love the dark, gritty looking maps. if anything the game needs more dark rainy mapz

    • incubusman421

      I want to see a real night map… there are none in the IW games for some reason…

      • Mebesiri11


  • Nerf

    artic recon looks like it woul dmake for a dope ice map too.. need another arctic map like sub base =)

    • Mitch

      you do know it’s Spec Ops?

  • Nerf

    any word on new character skins? i’d love to see the navy seal models and opfor return

    • Mitch

      they will be looking into that, but the game and engine aren’t build for that, so they need to investigate if it’s possible, and if it’s possible, they have to look if it’s worth it.

  • Astroman1231

    these look amazing especially vortex