Here is a round-up of @Teanah, @candyslexia, & @IWMarkRubin ‘s latest tweets:

  • U-Turn and Vortex are counting as one content drop, drop #14.
  • Intersection is drop 15; Arctic Recon is #13.
  • Content Calendar will be updated tomorrow [June 19th]
  • There is supposed to be a BTS trailer for June’s DLC
  • YY was actually a bug. Thats why it didn’t return
  • Currently shooting for a Thursday release for PC for Face-off
  • “We’re newly taking over the PR now that 402 is gone. So work in progress right now.”
  • No more face-off maps coming
  • Rest of MP drops are going to be MP Maps
  • Still working on getting Terminal to be released. It won’t be a regular drop. Probably a free one.
  • Rush and Shipment on their wish list
  • Wants to bring at least one old map back
  • No MP Maps were ready for June DLC
  • He is pissed off at the Content Calendar misleading by having ‘Classified’ drops.
  • Mark is working on getting ATVI to make Content Calendar more informative
  • Still needs more time to start looking into playlist updates
  • Looking into weapon balance passes in the next few weeks
  • No ETA for Spawn Updates
  • Release date for Face-off on PC should be coming this week, not confirmed though
  • Terminal [MW2 map] is ready to launch for MW3, but needs to be approved by ATVI. They are still ‘on the fence’ with it.
  • He’ll see if it is possible to bring Face-off Maps to Survival Mode. NO promises
  • Lag Comp issues: “guys working on it feel they made some good progress recently. They are still hammering away at it”

SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin – @Teanah – @candyslexia

  • Kjbalsiger

    whats is YY

    • //[email protected]”””//

      it’s kind of like the dolphin dive in the fact that it’s unnecessary ability but you can’t play without when you switch games. I think treyarch has conferremed its return. Anyway just double tap y and shoot (try it with g11) or u yy then scope in with sniper

    • incubusman421

      it let you cancel the reload animation…

  • Booth324

    Of course ATVI would be “on the fence” about giving out a free MW2 map. Damn, why cant developers just decide what they want to do with the game. Screw Activistion

  • dontlikemw3maps

    YES! Terminal 24/7 and i may play this game again!

  • bobshi

    I no longer dislike IW. My hate has now turned to Activision.

    I take back most of my negative feelings for IW. It seems that a lot of the bullshit we endure is beyond their control. They seem to be mere puppets in this game and Activision has no clue what the community wants.