XPlay Demo Part 1:

XPlay Demo Part 2:

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Black Ops 2 Loading Screen:

SOURCE: G4TV via @Kadlakjarin

  • The Flash

    when are they gonna show something other than the strike force mission we’ve already seen 5 times

    • MrCrazy89123

      Hope they show zombies next time

    • Marcosaragie

      Multiplayer in 8 weeks

  • Oldnrusty22

    type 95 fast mag?

  • Korflock

    1st video:
    2:55 “LSAT REFLEX” (Light Machine Gun)
    4:44 “TYPE-95 FAST MAG” (Possibly like dual mags?)

    • Oldnrusty22

      i saw the fast mag. most likely dual mags, at least I hope that was my favorite attachment from blops

      • Korflock

        Same here!

    • bobshi

      looks identical to the MK46 from MW3 to me

  • MrCrazy89123

    Loving this game

  • wow man same thing over and over and over again god damit getting pissed

  • Black-Starrs

    Thank you for the gameplay video you made ​​a good job.

    And thank you for accepting me into the clan

  • Adrianhc1997

    why do the graphics look so bad???

  • Samihaque75

    zombies i wanna se some zombies gameplay