@PCDev has just confirmed that ‘Lean and Adjustable FOV in MP #BlackOps2’. This feature is for PC players only, and it was in Black Ops 1 as well.

PC Dev has also confirmed that BO2 Engine will provide significant performance improvement.


  • Wilddildotamer

    whats FOV?

    • Seabass

      field of view

    • PCJoe

      When playing games on your pc your usually sitting only a short space away from your monitor and a limited field of view in a first person game can cause eyestrain and headaches for many people causing their 60$ game to become unplayable. This is not a problem for console games because your TV is usually further off. MW3 on the pc was a big let down in the regard (among other things lol).

  • Itek

    What’s Lean?

    • Matuzz

      Lean is leaning, you can peak around corners.

  • Korflock

    I’d like FOV for consoles.

    • Erlend Hall

      Console versions rely on a steady 60 FPS. They can’t give you FOV on consoles for that reason, but they can on PC, because your framerate is your responsibility, and not the devs.