Mark Rubin [@IWMarkRubin] has been very open on twitter regarding the MW2 map Terminal returning in MW3. Today, when asked if the map would be returning he gave a clearer answer regarding the status of the “leaked” map:

Then we asked him if he was ‘confirming it’ he responded:

The best part is that he already confirmed the map would be FREE. We’re really happy about this because Terminal was one of the best maps from MW2. Once we get more info we’ll let you know..

UPDATE 2: Hold up on releasing Terminal is because of seeing whether it will be on Xbox first or not:



SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin

  • McLovin

    I love u infinityward (sometimes)

  • Can’t wait! Loved Terminal 🙂

  • Mecha75

    He is looking for a june drop (july for us PS3 guys)

    • Gibbymanx

      June’s Elite DLC has already dropped… this’ll just be something free because they can, like with 2 of the Face Off maps, it’s nothing to do with Elite

      • Mecha75

        yeah, I know. He said Terminal would be separate from the DLC drops.

    • imri

      and probebly semptember for us, PC guys -.-
      i hate those guys

      • Karengillanz

        Go away no one cares about pc

        • corporatenothing

          Why do you feel the need to bash on someone who plays on a different platform than you? What did they do to deserve being disrespected? Don’t be an asshole, dude.

  • I’m glad to see IW finally giving us free content consistently. Now if we can only get Scrapyard, Highrise, and Favela as well.

    • ColonelBoston

      Classic maps have to be free or in their own DLC package; they can NOT be part of Elite because of what 402 said (“all Elite content will be 100% new) a few months before he left IW.

      • Mecha75

        And 402 said there would be no Last Stand as well.

        • bobshi

          Last Stand is not in MW3.

          • Mecha75

            you right, its not. Same thing with Ghost. It’s not in MW3 either.

        • Wdsda

          402 also say that they gonna make a gun dlc, and campaign DLC

          • ColonelBoston

            No he didn’t.

          • bobshi

            he said it opens up opportunity for those, he never confirmed they will come

        • corporatenothing

          Get over yourself. There is no Last Stand in Modern Warfare 3. Final Stand and Dead Man’s Hand? Yes, but they are Death Streaks. He certainly mislead us, but he did not outright lie to us.

          • bobshi

            Yep, annoys me that people keep moaning about him saying no Last Stand and no game-ending nuke and that they were lies.

            He did lie about no shotguns as secondaries though, Overkill allows them.

          • corporatenothing

            That’s not a lie, though. Overkill lets you have two primary weapons. You’re sacrificing a perk slot in order to have that second primary.

          • bobshi

            So when I have Overkill and I have a shotgun as my secondary do I or do I not have a shotgun in my secondary?

            The answer is: I have a shotgun as secondary.

            He said: No shotguns as secondaries.

            Those two contradict each other. He lied.

          • Mecha75

            I didn’t say he lied to us and I don’t have to get over myself. My comment was to take what he said with a bunch of skepticism.

        • False. He said no LAST STAND PERK. He didn’t say anything about Deathstreaks.

    • bobshi

      Mark has been tweeting a lot lately, he’s said a couple of times that the reason Terminal is not in our hands right now is because they have to get approval from Activision and they were ‘on the fence’ as to weather or not to release it.

      After reading a lot of his tweets I began to realise that a lot of the crappy things about this game is the result of Activision and not the developers.

      Sure stuff like the shitty spawns is the devs fault, but when it comes to the content, the type of content and how we get it, Activision is clueless as to what the community wants.

      • Dodgecdt

        your actually wrong. activision is the publisher, IW is the DEVs. the devs make shitty maps, so activision dont wanna release tooo shitty maps. also, in case you people havent heard, they cant really release anymore DLC for mw3. they reached the DLC limit.

        • bobshi

          erm – what? I never mentioned that the maps are shit and it is Activision’s fault…

          I said the crappy things, things like not knowing about DLC dates and info until they’re practically released, Mark said that this is because Acitivsion will not let them give out the info they had to fight to let them tell you that SOME DLC is coming without detailing what it is.

          A lot of the information that the community wants to know is not told because of Activision. IW’s hands are tied so tightly.

          Also, Terminal is not on consoles right now because of Activision and them not being sure if they wanted to release it or not. Now it appears they have come to their senses.

  • Bryson

    7 months later and we finally get a classic map.

    • corporatenothing

      We’re finally getting a classic map, and you’re bitching about it. Why can’t you at least acknowledge that this is a step in the right direction after so many crappy business decisions related to the Call of Duty franchise?

      • bobshi

        Just ignore this imbecile. He’d be the same guy moaning that rather than bring new fresh content that they just re-issued a classic map just a couple of months after the game came out.

  • Andy

    I kinda hope they make it mandatory for everyone to download it, or else matchmaking will be more fragmented. But this is execllent news all the same.:)

  • //[email protected]”””//

    Whatever left mw3 for mw2 + blops months ago i don’t care about balence they are more fun

  • Roxas3510

    This will be the perfect way to show how terrible the spawns in this game are, unless they keep the same spawns from the MW2 version.