Activision has announced that MW3 Collection 2 for PS3 and PC will be available tomorrow on June 21st.

MW3 Collection 2 includes 3 MP Maps [Sanctuary, Foundation, Oasis]; 2 Face-off Maps [Getaway, Lookout]; 2 Special Ops Mission [Iron Clad & Kill Switch]. Collection 2 will be available to download via the PSN Store and Steam for PC. It costs $14.99.

For PC, the two free Face-off Maps, Erosion & Aground, will be available tomorrow, 6/21 for FREE.

SOURCE: @InfinityWard

  • Someone.

    cost around £11.49 for me… currency needs to be changed to the right price (dollars to pounds or whatever) on psn, that or activision trying to make UK pay more >:(

    and just so you know, i didn’t buy the 1st pack, but i ‘may’ this time.

    • //[email protected]”””//

      Make sure u like face off + spec ops because this pack has a lot of both and only one decent mp map (it’s pretty colorfull tho.

      • bobshi

        Oasis is great – great layout and great decor, they really nailed the style of the region it is based in, unlike Aground which is apparently off the coast of Ireland, but has a iceberg in it – last time I checked there were no icebergs anywhere near Ireland.

        • CobraG7

          it’s off the coast of Scotland…

          • bobshi

            the description in the map selection screen for private matches says off the Irish coast

          • CobraG7

            I will have to double check that on PS3 and get back to you.

          • CobraG7

            Yeah it says Irish but I think in one of the promotional videos they said Scotland

  • Mjrsn

    ok my friends overseas in Ireland and England tell me they got a MW3 update today and now when they try to play the new dlc maps it is telling them to go to the PSN Store and download them even though they are elite members and they already have them? isn’t this the same issue that xbox just had?

    • bobshi

      yeah I have that issue too