Infinity Ward has released the patch notes for latest PS3 Patch [v. 1.16], and newest PC Patch [v 1.14]. These updates are available now. You will be prompted to download when you load up the game.

Here’s the patch notes:

PS3 Patch 1.16:


  • Fix for exploit to start an online MP match with a custom game mode


  • Prep work for adding Telemetry for matchmaking for future improvements.

*PS3 patch is available today [6/21] for NA and Europe. Coming 6/22 for SCEJ. 

PC Patch 1.14:


  • Fix for missing .iwd files error causing non-dlc players to be booted from games (iw_25.iwd, iw_26.iwd)
  • Fix for non-dlc owners being kicked from game when host migrates to DLC owner
  • Change to match making where region searched is determined by party host

Game Balance:

  • Dragunov (Weapon):Reduced kick to bring it more in line with RSASS
  • Dead man’s hand (Deathstreak): Reduced explosive radius apx. 25%
  • Blast Shield (Perk): Increase damage reduction for Blast Shield in hardcore modes
  • Akimbo (Attachment):All akimbo machine pistols now fire slower than their 1-handed counterparts
  • LMGs (Weapon): Increased min damage for all LMGs

Game Modes:

  • Kill Confirmed: Update the player score before updating the team score
  • Infected: Removed fall damage
  • Domination: Fix for not all Domination defenses counting towards your “Defends” stat


  • Reaper: Fixed issue where a user wouldn’t be able to call in his second Reaper


  • Blind Eye: Fixed bug where the Blind Eye kill streak is taken from the player on round transition if earned from getting 8 kills; Fixed bug where the Blind Eye kill streak is taken from the player if earned within 5 seconds of spawning
  • Recon: Fixed issue with flash grenades not correctly working with the Recon perk

Hot Fixes for Xbox and PS3:


  • Liberation: Added death trigger for rock glitch
  • Black Box: Patched up wall glitch
  • Oasis: Prevent players from getting on rooftops
  • Foundation: Patched up map hole in pipe

Game Balance: 

  • Javelin (Weapon): Reduce Javelin explosion radius by 20%
  • SitRep (Perk): Increased the range at which you can detect an enemy portable radar

Player Stats:

  • Fix for player accuracy being miscalculated

Misc Bug Fixes:

  • Fix for minute long kill cam duration with Reaper

Along with the release of these new patches, and in celebration of Collection 2 launch for PS3/PC, Infinity Ward will have a double [regular] XP weekend starting Friday [6/22] through Monday [6/25] for all platforms.

Visit our MW3 Updates & Fixes page for the history of updates to MW3. 


  • Cyberpunk6767

    Well done!

  • Rick Kump

    Good thing I finished up my Javelin 2500 Veteran Kills a few days ago! 🙂

  • incubusman421

    *Prep work for adding Telemetry for matchmaking for future improvements.
    *Change to match making where region searched is determined by party host
    It’s about time! It only took them 7 months to do this…

  • Kenny Pham

    WOW! this is the 2nd time IW timed their double XP with DICE’s double XP.

    • ed

      you obviously don’t pay attention to whats going on. content collection released during week… double xp over the weekend. like clockwork.

  • Blabla

    I Thought there was gonna be a zombie trailer today!? :s

  • ed

    what is it with them buffing sitrep lately. honestly, i’m starting to think these people are complete morons.

    • Guest

      in fairness, SitRep sucks to identify equipment, not a patch on Hacker from BO. Sometimes I don’t see the red glow until I’m on top of it

  • Dodgecdt

    yea. they really fucked this game up. thats what you get for rushing something when half the company leaves and people who know shit about shit try to fix it. Black Ops 2 will be way better. infact, IW, hasnt made a good COD since Modern Warfare 1.

    • you have to agree modern warfare 2 was pretty amazing besides them not keeping an I on the servers and treyarch came up with new ways to experience multiplayer and ofcourse we all have to give thumbs up for such an epic time with zombies but I agree black ops 2 should change the way we’ve been playing cod years ago

  • Wwwtwich

    Wheres the double xp ? And there was no.update ?!

    • don’t you just love it when they lie to us lol YOU GOTTA LOVE THE WAY THEY LIE

  • Korflock

    This patch has added lag, and after everygame host gets left behind in the pregame lobby, while the rest of the party gets put back into the party lobby.

  • a mad bro

    they really need to buff the m16, which was fun to use in previous cod’s but in mw3 its pretty much suicide.