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SOURCE: xAndrew2007x Channel Via @thepaintedgrey

  • Jared

    It looks very dark compared to mw2 terminal. WHY?? It was so good because it played good and it was bright and colorful

    • lMattW

      I was going to say the same thing, the coloring is different, a little more blue/gray it seems like.

    • Manhal

      The colours suck in mw3 that’s all.

      • corporatenothing

        I agree with you, but yeah, they’re basically just trying to keep the art direction in line with the rest of the maps in MW3.

      • Ale Sz15

        Not really, Getaway, Dome and Oasis have awesome colours…

  • Hyp

    No need to complain, you should be happy we are getting this map and it’s free.

  • I’m glad to see that Terminal is coming to MW3! But what is the point of going to spectate mode and showing us all of those sections of the map that we don’t have access to? Just makes me think that these maps could be bigger.

    • corporatenothing

      I believe those areas of the map are in the game because they more or less just drag and dropped the level from the MW2 level “No Russian” into the multiplayer game engine and then tweaked and optimized it to fit multiplayer.

  • Bryson

    now favela, afgan, rust, highrise and wasteland please.

  • moriarty_1975

    Rubin said on twitter that this guy got it because he “hacked” it, but i don’t understand how he got hold of the file? Unless its already on the disc? o_O

    • bobshi

      Correct. Unless it was in some Steam files and he converted.

      • moriarty_1975

        Isn’t that xbox gameplay?

        So these are the options :

        1. Its someone from IW that uploaded the video

        2. Someone hacked IW (somehow) & got the file

        3. Its already on the disc ready to go & everything IW have said about working on it is bs

        • bobshi

          yeah that’s why I said converted it into a file that is playable on the 360.

          He could also be using a 360 controller on the PC.

          • Malcom

            by the way iHCjames is a Hacker

          • bobshi

            Yes, I am well aware – hence me saying he may have modified Steam files as Steam has often been our source of early news and the files – unless on disc – won’t be on Xbox’s CDN yet.

  • Superman

    iHcJames Owned MW3 and Xbox rofl

  • Admin

    we wont getting any oter MW2 maps.. only Terminal..

  • Koensneeuwt

    this is fake: on picture 8 and 10 the airplane is white and red but on the loading screen its white and blue.

    • corporatenothing

      Are you seriously going to come here and call it fake when Infinity Ward have already confirmed that it is real on Twitter multiple times?

    • xXIICrAnKIIXx

      There are 2 planes

    • incubusman421

      Plus the loading screens can differ from the actual map…

  • mariofan48

    Crossfire, Countdown, Highrise, Favela, and Carnival and MW3 will be complete

  • the video is not a fair first look at the map because it was shot with really poor quality. losing the real color and detail built into this map.