M.I.A. since it’s announcement at Call of Duty:XP, “n00btube!” has finally premiered on Call of Duty ELITE TV.

“Host Andrew Santino guides you through comedic Call of Duty clips and hilarious sketches captured and created straight from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3 in the all-new series n00b tube!”

Elite Premium Members watch Episode 1 on n00btube! now. This show is for Premium Members only.

SOURCE: Call of Duty Elite

  • Thefack

    Why do they make this dumb shit when they could be patching the Akimbo FMGs or the Type 95, or working on fixing the spawns and the lag compensation?

    • COD Was Good B4 MW3

      Cus they are dumb mother (Insert context here)

      • Mihir678900

        Dumb Mothers perhaps?

  • Thevloginator1

    “for the world to see” IF you payed $50 for CoD elite

  • Ray’

    not that amazing considering there’s content like this already available for free on youtube