Strike Force: Yemen

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  • Hopefully this means more gameplay soon.

  • Olubowale

    This looks more like MW2 than Black Ops 1, and that is a good thing.

    • bobshi

      Oh, indeed.

      Looks like MW2 graphics. And given they’ve kept the Black Ops 1 engine rather than base it from MW2’s engine, we get the decent gameplay from Black Ops along with the decent graphics of MW.

      Lighting looks awesome for a COD, they were not lying when they said it can bring something to life.

      Footage of this was in the video wall at E3, I kind of assume it was the MP part that Vondahaar said was in there.

  • black ops 2

    5 dollars to the guy who finds the fail on the 1st image

    • Wdsda

      Where is?

    • Blah

      rpg gimme my money

      • black ops 2

        he it is:

  • Ghest

    the fail is that the guy with the RPG has the rpg sticking out from his body

  • Lonewarrior30

    you can put custom emblems on the weapons mag?

    • Matt

      Wrong game man, thats Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

      • bobshi

        there is an emblem on the mag in the second image (1st thumbnail)

  • manB3ARpig

    Images sure look nice, but what we are seeing are probably graphics from the PC.

  • //[email protected]”””//

    Is pic. #2 confirming weapon emblems return?

  • Ray’

    The exact same smashed up car can be found in several MW3 multiplayer maps, looking exactly the same

    • //[email protected]”””//

      there’s not even a car in the pictures so nice troll fail

      • Simon

        There is a car in the 1st pic look behind the guys right leg. The comment Rehman made is just bein picky and a poor attempt at try to run the game down by saying that all treyarch are doin is cutting and pasting objects from other games and nothing new hes clearly got nothing better to do than stand around and admire the scenery. He’s nothing but a loser in my opinion

        • Luke

          You wanna pick things out… ok. The girl laying dead on the ground in the first pic is wearing black, and in the second one she is wearing pink… and it is the same place. Rehman wasn’t saying anything except making an observation!

          • Simon

            So were’s this dead girl in pic one because be i’ll damned if i can see here

  • Jordanbruce

    2 thing it looks like strike force mission or multiplayer mission i dont no