Call of Duty: Black Ops was the best-selling Call of Duty game in 2011. It was released in November of 2010 for Xbox, PS3, PC. People have always wondered if a Mac OSX version of a Call of Duty game will be released. Now, in the Steam files, people have found reference of Black Ops to the OSX platform. As you see above, the main game, and all of the DLC is found in ‘OSX’ format.

If Steam officially releases it, then this will be the first Call of Duty game to ever launch on the OSX platform via Steam. Call of Duty 4 was the last COD game released on the Mac platform via digital/disc copy.

SOURCE: Steam Via @Storm360

  • Williamfoster0123

    What does this even mean

  • Micro8589

    isnt cod 4 on mac os x?

  • we dont need black ops on mac, we need mw2 and black ops 2 ( if its good), maybe mw3 already got cod 4 :D, but have cod 4-8 on ps3

    • //[email protected]”””//

      Mw2 is broken. So stop asking for it

      • People abuse mw2, if u play right then u know its not broken

        • //[email protected]”””//

          still it was the devs falt for adding the stuff. I mean they really Dident see that a perk for increased explosive damage would be a bad idea with 2 ways to get infinite explosives, plus adding stopping power but no jugg. (they have the two perks together for a reason in other cods). not to mention the hacks which started right after release ( black ops is still pretty hack free on consoles after two years in comparision and treyarch is still puting out miner fixes to avoid hacks behind the scenes so black ops is more deserving of a port)

          • I agree with that, but black ops was a bit boring, only played the campaign, got to 2nd prestige, then played zombies and mw2 after that, imo mw2 was more fun

          • //[email protected]”””//

            it all comes down to opinion I guess, mw2 to me just feels like a free for all right now because of above reasons and others (like how much air support can be up at once). I can see why people might like it for its freedom it gives you + maps with weird “seldom used areas that could be used for boosting

          • ye

  • manB3ARpig

    Mac gets no gaming love. It’s the equivalent of getting something from goodwill; You receive the item after everyone has used and abused it. Maybe by 2020 they will get MW3.

  • I would be so happy to see this happen. As a COD, and Apple fan. Yes, I understand, a Mac is not always known to be a gaming platform, but I would love to add Black Ops to my Mac COD library, right next to COD 4 😀

  • Jordanbruce

    i dont no wtf it is but i like it