Treyarch has confirmed that Black Ops 2 will have a “Mass Effect 3 style” ending. This is because of their branching story lines, and every person can have a slightly different ending, with a ‘similar’ closure for everyone.

“Those success and failures are catalogued so that – at the conclusion of your single player experience – if you have succeeded at all your Strike Force levels, you will have a different geo-political ‘wrapper’ around the conclusion of your game. This wrapper would be different than the one I would have seen if I played through and failed all of my Strike Force missions,” Rafacz continued, “Now, succeed or fail, if you want to go back and replay them, or choose different Strike Force missions, you can do that.

Rafacz explained Geo-Policitcal wrapper by saying, “Well, you know, it’s still in development. So it’s too early to kind of talk about how many endings there are, but it’s safe to say that throughout the course of the campaign, you will have the opportunity to play a handful of Strike Force levels. I think the important thing here – and you touched on this – is that it’s the geo-political wrapper,” Rafacz explained, “We will all share that same story, we are playing that same gift, we just get different colour wrapping paper.”

We’re picturing the same ending for everyone with a different countries flag in the background LOL. That’s the best way we can describe it.. What’s your interpretation of his statement?

SOURCE: NowGamer

  • Ruit

    I expected to have totally different endings, but this is also a new amazing feature.

  • theTF141clan

    “[Multi-]branching story lines”, with the same ending… plus an [insert flag image here]. OH BOY! CAN YOU EVEN ADD RED, BLUE, OR GREEN FIRE IN THE BACKGROUND?!?! PLEASE!!

    I don’t mean to sound harsh or anything. It’s just this reminds me of getting lightsabers as kids. We always fought over the red and green one. But in the end, they both look the same, when you’re colorblind.:D lol

  • BOB

    Given the linearity of the campaign, it wouldnt make sense for there to be drastically different endings anyway. I don’t expect the choices you make, or the success/failure of strikeforce missions to change the stories narrative but it’s nice to see that they are experimenting and adding alittle depth to the campaign


    When did videogames become “geo-political” ?

  • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

    I think Mass Effect 3 is a bad kind of ending to compare it to. Deus Ex Human Revolution would be a LOT better.

  • Adam Nord

    I’m thinking based on the outcome of each of your strike force missions, (like say a battle of USA vs CHINA), the ending will have the winners flag in the background, then another battles winner would have their map in the background, etc. So I’m thinking that every strike force mission has one or two small artifacts it can change in the ending cut scene based on the out come of each of the battles.

  • What the hell happened? they said multiple endings!!!! that was the thing i was looking forward to, i don’t want the same ending with just a different flag in the background…

  • CarlosTrout99

    I like turtles… Trollololololololololololol!!!!