Microsoft [via Major Nelson’s blog] has announced that MW3 & Black Ops DLC will be 50% off from July 3rd to July 9th.

DLC that are in this offer:

  • Call of Duty: MW3 Collection 2
  • Call of Duty: MW3 Collection 1
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Annihilation
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection

All of these DLC’s will be available for only 600 MSP. That’s an excellent deal 😀

SOURCE: Major Nelson

  • Ferhat1999

    why not ps3


      do you have playstation plus?

  • Wdsda

    Is it on all locations?

  • ed

    wow. way to stick it to the elite premium users.

    • JoseB88

      Agreed. Hopefully we get something good. And when I mean good I mean some type of DLC that non-elite members won’t get until the last batch of DLC comes out before BO2 release. Kind of like the zombie map pack from WaW did for BO

    • Vordb

      Really? This doesn’t hurt us in any way. If anything, it benefits us, because it gives us a larger pool of non-Elite Premium members to play against.

      • Ed

        If i paid $50 bucks for elite to get a reduction on dlc, like they advertised, but turns out i could of bought all the dlc for $15 less without elit premium… Then i got screwed. But nice logic.

        • Ed

          Meant $5 less


    yet us a elite founder members get nothing

    • manB3ARpig

      We got ONE, just fucking ONE camo for our wepons, and that has been it.

  • Someone.

    they HAVE to make it for ps3 aswell, i know many will not buy it on ps3 due to price, so 50% off will make them buy it, so make it for ps3 so me and many others will finally buy dlc for mw3! (already got BOs for the zombies mainly :D)

  • Shadowking58

    more and more i regret buying elite for mw3, mostly because the MP sucks…

  • //[email protected]”””//

    Ok I need 400 bing points and I get a map pack free score!!!

  • Fuck off! I paid full price for Premium not to let non-elite fags get the dlc for £6 each!

  • bounceythegreat

    wth, so point of purchasing elite was to be mugged off in first place well done

  • JD

    What about the PS3 and the PC ? I counting on you steam

    • Vordb

      Well, I suppose this DLC sale is part of the agreement in Activision’s contract with Microsoft, so I doubt PS3 and PC will follow suit any time soon.

  • Ryanbohr5

    I hope that PS3 gets this too, I’ve dealt with those guys getting DLC a month early for three or four years now, but I’m extremely irritated that they can buy all six map packs for the price that I can get three for. There’s no way in hell that I’m buying BO2 on release. I’m waiting till Christmas at least to listen up for all of the BS that Activision and Microsoft are scheming up together. I love being on the PS3, but I would change over to 360 in a second if my PS3 stops working or something. It is so stupid that because you buy a different console that you can get a whole load of free advantages over the other half of the people.

  • jelmer

    It doesn’t work for me its stil 1200 what can i do?