Here’s a round-up of @Teanah, @candylexia, and @IWMarkRubin ‘s tweets:

  • They are aware of the glitch on the Vortex map
  • If they do implement the “snipers/no snipers” playlist, they will be two separate ones.
  • The leaked MW3 Terminal gameplay occurred because that person hacked into the IW development sites and downloaded it.
  • Elite’s ‘Clan Emblem’ feature is currently bugged. Fix coming real soon to enable the emblems for everyone.
  • They are still planning on adding new guns to Infected, but no ETA yet.
  • They are still awaiting an answer for whether or not Terminal will launch first on Xbox. Answer coming real soon
  • Fix for Xbox DLC issues is in cert w/ MS. Should be released this week.
  • Working to fix the Lag/Matchmaking issue ASAP
  • After lag is fixed, they are going to work on doing a major overhaul on the spawns
  • Still hasn’t looked into the gun DLC. No chances it can happen though. Still trying to see
  • Should have some more details on Terminal end of this week or beginning of next week
  • Not planning on extending prestiges any more. But will see if more people want more levels.
  • No plans for other old maps returning. Still looking into that.
  • Mark is leaning toward ‘Team Juggernaut’ as the next Community Playlist. NOT 100% sure yet.
  • Weapons balance pass is something he will be looking into. Wants to look at everything to see what can be improved
  • When Terminal does launch they might do a ‘Terminal 24/7’ playlist for a few days after launch
  • Activision already approved Terminal for MW3, but they are working on how to deploy it.
  • They are working on a fix for a glitch on Erosion

SOURCE: @Teanah/@candylexia/@IWMarkRubin

  • Korflock

    Fixing Lag (Lag Compensation and the 1 or 2 bullet death lag) should have been the 1st thing that they fixed when the game first came out. It’s ridiculous how Treyarch ignored it (in Black Ops), and it’s taken Infinity Ward this long just to address it.

    • corporatenothing

      There was a pretty significant update to the matchmaking and lag compensation system in Black Ops a month or two after release. If you refuse to take my word for it, I should be able to dig up the actual patch notes for Black Ops.

      • Korflock

        Really? Could you find the source?
        Because when asking JD_2020 about lag and what not, he blamed it on the players connection.

        • Vordb

          Click “Show Details” next to “ANNOUNCEMENT: XBOX 360 COMMUNITY UPDATE (9/13/11)”
          (full title update)

          · Improved matchmaking to find matches significantly faster
          · Improved matchmaking to ensure that players are more effectively matched to games with the best networking conditions
          · Improved host selection to ensure that the best host is always selected in the pre-game lobby
          · Improved party system to ensure that parties don’t get broken apart”

          • Korflock

            There’s nothing there about lag or lag compensation.

  • Morrison1020

    Please Terminal 24/7. This will be amazing.

  • Titan1x77

    No mention of domination for faceoff yet? other then the one from over a week ago

    • Fitim

      domination for face off ? you could play 1v1 boosting 24/7 not capturing any flag

      • Sam :D

        There is a time limit….

  • Tico Sandoval

    Fix spawns after lag??? Uh we are 4 months away from BO2 and knowing infinity ward fixing the spawns will take another 2 months. Thats great. Way to have shitty spawns for the majority duration of this game’s lifespan. Nice job.

  • This is coming from a guy who knows 100% of nothing, if you disagree with @kkiller14 and prove him wrong he simply rages and calls someone bitch. He is good at trolling any question you intend for the actual devs, not him. Any reply here is for him and will never be responded to or seen by the devs he trolls.

  • Jacthesnake_08

    When u say “new guns”, are they going to be guns that were not seen in mw3′ multiplayer or campaign?

    • Wdsda

      no, they will change infected game mode guns only, no new gun to the game

  • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

    “a major overhaul on the spawns”? Yeah, it only took 8 months.

  • Quinten

    Fucking awesome, Terminal 24/7 would be awesome <333333 Might as well bring back Highrise and Wasteland, if you're at it 🙂

  • Cbsly6

    I like the idea of team juggernaut I was thinking of team oic