The Call of Duty Elite clan emblems are now live. This feature is for people who a part of a ELITE clan and you do not have to be a Elite Premium Member.

Your clan unlocks new emblems at certain levels.

If you are having trouble accessing them, you must login to ELITE first, then it will appear in-game MW3.

  • Arnaldo

    Does it work for ps3

  • manB3ARpig

    Bad grammar….I get the point, but come-on bro. You must set the example here. Thanks for the info though.

  • I think it’s only available for the Xbox users right now. They will release them on PS3 later. It’s not even fully functional on the Xbox yet… my clan level is 25 but we can’t access the emblems in the game.

    According to the rumors, clans who can’t see their unlocked emblems have to level up to the closest clan clan level that awards a new emblem. Only then all the previous emblems will unlock for everyone in the clan.

    The developers are working on a fix though.

    • Er

      Really , im on PS3 and have up to the griffin unlocked

    • Giovanni1289

      It works for ps3 except you dont need to level up but idk bout ur problem my emblems were just there today when i got on

  • Eamonn99

    Does it mean sign into Elite on console or on laptop

  • EliteKev

    Our Clan is lvl37 but i only got the Frog emblem so far, do I have to login on ELITE on the ps3 to get the ones from under lv37?

  • Hiii

    I logged onto elite On the console because my labtop is dead, &’ when i went into the Game , my emblems still weren’t there ( btw im in PS3 )

  • i tried logging in ps3 elite and even on laptop, did not get the emblems

    • Guest

      some people on ps3 get them

  • isaiah saulis

    I tried both still did not work. -.- (PS3)

  • Ty Wurth

    I should have two of them (Light Juggernaut and Fighter Jet). But they did not show up..

  • Beylul

    My clan right now is 23, does that mean that we cant get the previous emblems?

  • Rleeson85

    Still no go for PS3, got em for xbox but our PS3 members have not yet

  • Imaginay_Zombi3

    i got em on ps3..

  • we just recruited a new member in our clan and he got the emblem on level 17 and we did not get nothing What the hell INFINITY WARD

  • Gage

    my clans level 24 but i dont have the staked skull, lion, or scarab