With all the pre-order buzz surrounding Nuketown 2025, we thought it would be a good idea to compare this year’s Call of Duty to last year’s MW3. We were a little surprised to discover that Black Ops 2 is trailing MW3 by a fair margin. When Black Ops 2 was announced in May, it was said that BO2 pre-orders were close to 3x that of MW3 the first week they were both announced.

Black Ops 2
Xbox 360: 182,204
PS3: 119,588
Total: 301,792

Xbox 360: 338,140
PS3: 171,287
Total: 509,427

In all fairness, these are U.S. pre-order numbers only. It’s possible that the euro number could be drastically different as well. It will also be interesting to see how much the numbers increase next month which should reflect a spike due to the recently announced Nuketown 2025 promo.

Yesterday we asked our fans on Twitter if they haven’t pre-ordered yet and why. We received over 100+ @ replies and almost 90% of you said that you’re waiting for the Hardened or Prestige Edition to be announced before you decide to pre-order…

MW3’s numbers:
MW3's preorder numbers ending June 25th, 2011


  • mike

    How come PC sales aren’t included?


    in the UK MW3 was free to pre order: and so is halo 4 / assassins creed 3 / borderlands 2

    & black ops 2 is £5 to pre order maybe the fact no one wants to cough up the money just yet?

    • G82

      halo 4 is £5 to pre order as well .

    • Guest

      I pre-ordered for free from ShopTo.

  • Alexanderz

    Thats quite a large margin!!! Pre Order that shizzel guys! Got mine from amazon and they are running the 2025 nuketown offer as well: http://www.amazon.com/mn/search/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=caofdumapa-20&linkCode=ur2&hidden-keywords=B007XVTR12|B007XVTR5S|B007XVTR3K&camp=1789&creative=390957&url=search-alias%3Dvideogames

  • Elektrobanq

    I hope Treyarch is looking at your twitter feed; just announcing whether or not there will be a hardened edition with Elite would be great.

  • Mitch

    Thanks IW for killing CoD, now fuck off.

  • xbox and ps destroy videogames

    @ all console-user:
    u destroy all games!!!
    thx 4 that…

    • Guest


      • Nacho_TheKiller

        Im guessing he says that because due to consoles developers make games dedicated to the consoles and then create shitty ports on the PC and overprice it.

  • Thedirtyearlepm

    Your a little surprised bo2 is trailing mw3 in pre orders? Apparently you didn’t play the first black ops.

  • Brandon

    This is somewhat surprising. I’d expect Blops 2 preorders to be outrageously high simply because of how great Black Ops was. I wonder if MW3 and Elite being a complete disaster has anything to do with the low preorder numbers. Infinity Ward might have finally spooked some of the COD fanboys for good.
    Regardless, I have already preordered and cannot wait to play some Black Ops 2 zombies! I’m also waiting for a hardened edition to be announced to decide if I want to upgrade my preorder or not. Hopefully Treyarch includes some goodies for zombies in either the hardened edition or prestige edition.

  • Gshg

    I want to preorder so bad but i am waiting for the harden edition so tht i can get elite with it. I hope we can get nuketown 2025 later when the game releases since i am not preordering.

  • Someone…?

    Just thought i’d say these numbers (the numbers mason!) will go up loads once hardended, collectors edition etc are announced with their bonuses. i for one am preordering for the first time for Black ops 2 when they announce whether there’s cod elite 2.0 free with it or zombie content (not too bothered about nuketown 2025 but still excited to see it).
    and while i’m commenting, i think IW and treyarch have both done great jobs on the last few cods INCLUDING mw3

    • Nacho_TheKiller

      Nice joke man, mw3 a great job… Got a nice laugh out of this.

  • Luc

    With MW3, people knew what to expect. Black Ops 2 will be completely different, so people are unsure whether or not the game will be good.

  • Bryson

    mw3 fucked up call of duty

    • shoxy2296

      it did

  • Nacho_TheKiller

    All im waiting for is to make sure the PC version will be good. Not like with mw2 or mw3 (god that game is such a joke on pc). Black ops made a nice decision with the dedis, but had performance issues. Also, i want to know if the maps will be decent sized (like blops or mw2) or if they will be horribly small (example: mw3).

  • The bL00dY cHangO

    MW3 copied zombies and turn it into fuckin survival which sucks to me