Activision has just announced that all Call of Duty: MW3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC will be 50% percent off from July 3rd to July 9th on Xbox, PS3, and PC.

A portion of the sales will be donated by Activision Publishing, Inc. to the Call of Duty® Endowment, a non-profit organization that provides job placement and training services for veterans.

Visit for more details.

SOURCE: Activision


  • Macrox25

    Nice i might get the escalation dlc. Never got that before. I have no interest in the zombie pack. I couldn’t care less about MW3 to be honest.

    • Pro

      Nobody.. wait for it, cares!

      • Vordb

        If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have replied to his comment in the first place. Get over yourself.

        • Ray’

          I think he makes a fair point, seeing comments saying they simply hate zombies and they hate mw3, at least write the reason you hate it. Everyones here because they like Cod, he’s just trolling

  • Chi2debe

    Is Collection 2 available for non-Elite PS3 players yet? If not, when will it be available?

    • The Flash

      yes it is available

  • Projacol

    Till July 9th? I got my pocket money on 10th…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    • Therock83



    elite members get screwed again

  • Korflock

    Does that mean that the Premium Elite will be getting 50% of the DLC that they purchased for MW3 back to them?

    22 Drops, 2 free, so technically 20 drops, 13 Premium drops so far.
    $50 for elite premium, 20 drops divided by 50 = $2.50
    50% of $2.50 = $1.25
    $1.25 times 13 drops = $16.25

    So when shall we be expecting our $16.25?