We now have a release date for Terminal, the MW2 map revamped and brought back to MW3. Terminal will be available July 17 for Xbox LIVE Elite Premium, then a day after on July 18 it will be available FREE for EVERYONE on Xbox.

NOTE: IW’s Facebook page is saying that this date can change depending on certification

Terminal will be coming soon [30 days after] to PS3/PC due to the infamous MS/ATVI DLC deal.

SOURCE: Infinity Ward

  • The Flash

    julys content drop should also come along

  • JoseB88

    I find it to be bullshit that they’re releasing Terminal on Xbox first and not released on every platform. I thought it was gonna be a patch and not DLC? I know about the little contract between MS/ACTIV but this is beyond bullshit.

    • Neutral

      You do realize that Microsoft pays for this. We don’t pay 60$(which is nothing) a year to make their paychecks bigger, no we pay so they have money to buy us exclusive deals to get a lot of content for a lot of games early and to play the employees that make these deals. So if you PS3 fan boys hate anymore try getting Sony to care about you like Microsoft cares about its costumers.

      • JoseB88

        Who the fuck is talking about being fanboy of one console??!! Your the fanboy here cuz If you read my comment right, it does not suggest one platform other than Xbox. It should come out for ALL PLATFORMS and not just one. Doesn’t matter if the contract is on or not. Stupid fanboys can’t get their heads out of their ass.

        • Vordb

          Neutral’s argument was very ignorantly worded, but his point is actually pretty valid. We, the consumer, give money to Microsoft through our Xbox Live Gold subscription. That revenue can then be used by Microsoft to spend tens of millions of dollars to sign these exclusivity deals with game publishers like Activision and Bethesda/ZeniMAX. Therefore, we, the consumer, reap the benefits of these contracts, provided that we choose to buy our games for the Xbox 360. Therefore, this entices more consumers to buy Xbox 360s and related subscriptions/merchandise, which gives Microsoft more revenue to make deals with game publishers, and so on, and so forth. Understand now? I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s just how it is.

          • JoseB88

            See, now that is a clear statement from someone who has the brains to explain in a perfect way. I tip hat to you good sir. BTW, how come a percentage of people who own an Xbox complaint about paying for a service that lacks idk security, games, etc.?? that is something i been wondering myself

          • Vordb

            Because people take what they have for granted and tend of believe that the grass is always greener on the other side.

          • Jacob 2815

            Xbox lacking security and games? As apposed to what? PS3? (I dont know much about PC gaming so I’m going to focus on PS3) There are few games that are exclusive to PS3 or 360, but the most popular game i know of that is PS3 only is Uncharted. The most popular for 360 is Halo. Halo is more popular than Uncharted. So PS3 has less games. Which online gaming service was hacked recently, giving up tons of user information to Anonymous? I think it started with a P. Playstation Network. Xbox Live hasnt been hacked. So if people complain about paying $60 for Xbox Live, are only those who don’t understand the benefits it gives them. Or they dont care.

    • Kloney2k

      you do know that xbox will always get the contract as they partially funded the first call of duty, sony had medal of honor and it was playstation exclusive, as was call of duty an exclusive to xbox only, be thankful you get it at all

      • Guest

        Well they were all in one early on but they branched apart and we got call of duty and medal of honor faded away until recently. Medal of honor tried to do a modern. warfare style shooter but it could not compete with call of duty

      • Ocasiojoe

        Whether they partially funded the first CoD or not has nothing to do with who gets DLC. The game is released for all platforms, if that were the case why not make CoD an Xbox exclusive? Because that would be retarded, that’s why. It’s activision that should be thankful Sony puts out CoD with the stupidity of this exclusivity deal.

      • JoseB88

        See now THAT I didn’t know. Thank you for the info. And like Ocasiojoe mentioned, then how come activision doesn’t make COD an exclusive title for the Xbox instead so we can stop all this BS and ended that way. Xbox gets COD and PS gets Battlefield/Medal of Honor

      • Vordb

        I don’t think you have your facts straight. The first Call of Duty game was PC exclusive, so what the hell are you talking about?

        • Kloney2k

          so your saying microsoft never financed anything for it to come to a console? this was never about pc it was xbox vs playstation

          • Balm

            you’re either a troll or a moron…

  • now if i was the head of Activision i would go to microsoft’s boss and stick it up where the sun doesnt shine SCREW XBOX sony should have the contract because we as the playstation nation should have a chance to have the dlc first >:D

    • Ethan

      Sounds like you would eventually bankrupt activision

      • Boris Guyon-Pelfrene

        You make that sound like that’s a bad thing.

    • why does sony deserve it first? so it wont work half the time and the biggest fanbase gets ripped off?

    • Unceldolan

      Sony gave up their contract way back during CoD 3. Saying that the franchise has “no marketing potential”

  • Tanya861

    i think its great that they release it one day after for the non elite premium players

  • Lol, unlike all you PS3 fellows, I am happy with the deal. We see how the XBox people get their money stolen and we have a preview of the maps. Didn’t buy any DLC yet, seemed bad to me.

    • Vordb

      Don’t be a fanboy. There is no “theft” here. There are consumers and producers. Consumers willingly spend their own money (or their parents’ money, as is the case with many Call of Duty fans) in exchange for video games that give them entertainment. Just because you don’t value the content that others choose to purchase with their money doesn’t mean there is any “theft” taking place.

      • Kloney2k

        zero theft, just a ps3 troll with fanboy rage about xbox users getting stuff released before ps3, if i may ask, if sony valued their fanbase as much as you value your ps3, and put their hands in their pockets you might have dlc earlier than the xbox users… jus sayin!

        • Vordb

          It’s not necessarily about “valuing their fanbase.” They’re only neglecting one segment of their players because of this DLC situation. Keep in mind that PS3 players do get all DLC for Battlefield 3 prior to Xbox 360 players, so it evens out in that regard, in theory, anyway. Plus, it’s not as if Playstation 3 players ONLY play Call of Duty, so this isn’t as big of an issue as it might seem in the grand scheme of things.

  • Dain

    To Me I Think Its Fair That Xbox Users Get It First, Since They Pay And Ps Users Dont. I Think The Whole Ps/Xbox Dlc Fight Is Stupid, You Guys Should Consider Yourself Lucky, Since Pc Guys Dont Get Dlc Too Much.

    • Vordb

      To Me I Think That You Should Take A Break From Video Games And Pay More Attention In School Because You Should Know That You Aren’t Supposed To Fucking Capitalize The First Letter In Every Word Of A Sentence, Just The First Letter Of The First Word In The Sentence, As Well As The First Word of Every Proper Noun. There Are Some Exceptions To This Rule, But Still. Fuck.

  • theTF141clan

    Excited to see how Terminal plays on MW3 vs MW2. Might have to jump on MW2 the night before!! 😀

  • Ray’

    I hate fanboys, don’t you people know that without competition between consoles we as consumers would be screwed. The only reason I hate this contract for early dlc is because it’s only designed to annoy ps3 gamers. Surely it doesn’t make a difference to xbox gamers if ps3 gamers get it at the same time? I have ps3 and xbox btw

    • Kloney2k

      its not designed to annoy ps3 users, its designed for ps3 users to say F&%K this S%$T im getting an xbox, and the truth is alot of people do go buy an xbox for that reason..

      • Balm

        And it’s cos’ of idiots like that that the contract exists in the first place

  • Noahlux772

    Im glad i got a Ps3 its way better all the way around and besides you should not have to pay to play your games online so i dont mind the wait

  • Musicskate

    You guys are still mad about the dlc contract? Get over it, no gives a fuck and clearly they don’t either. Be happy that the damn map is free And you’ll be getting it with a little wait.

  • Balm

    Anyone who thinks Xbox gets maps early is an idiot. They don’t get them early, they pay Activision to put them out late on PS3. They would only be getting them early if they got them before they were finished.

    • Vordb

      laskjfdljhflkj, are you seriously coming here and arguing semantics over whether Xbox 360 players get the maps “early” or if PS3 players simply get them “late?” What the fuck kind of bullshit is that? What difference does it make? No matter how you look at it, Xbox 360 players receive all DLC BEFORE PS3 players.

      • Balm

        I’m saying Microsofts basically just paying Activision off to screw over PS3 and PC players. Xbox players would most likely get the maps at the same time anyway so it’s not beneficial to them at all, it just pisses off people on other consoles.

  • NYsourSMOKA

    All you little wining pussies .PSN is trash .XBL all the fuckin way.Nd I have both so know the difference .

  • Riem214

    Fuck x-box ps3should get it at the same time a x-box

    • Jacob 2815

      If sony cared about you at all they would have signed a contract with Activision to get you DLC at the same time as us. But you don’t pay for access to PSN so they dont give a fuck about…and neither does anybody else.