It appears that Activision is now working on an iOS and mobile versions of Call of Duty, says UK industry stalwart and UKIE chairman Andy Payne.

This game is being developed by Activision’s new Leeds studios, which was opened in Nov 2011.

Andy Payne stated in an interview with, “I have to be careful what I say about these guys because I know them so well and they’ll cane me. But Activision are a machine. They’re very good, and you know what, what people don’t realise with Activision is, the two studios working on the Call of Duty franchise are collaborative studios. That’s unheard of. All the assets are reusable, so they’re not wasting time.”

“And those assets are also going to be starting to be used by the mobile team, which is going to be based in Leeds.”

Apparently the studio is tasked in “developing all handheld versions, iOS versions of Call of Duty”.

UKIE chairman went on to say that “They [Activision] kind of always wanted to get the Rockstar team.” Activision is apparently taking people from the Rockstar Leeds team, for their own team.


  • Erjeghan

    So cool!!

  • will it come for android?

  • mariofan48

    so its gonna be call of duty black ops II on IOS?

  • MrCrazy89123

    wat about android
    this would be epic on a xperia play

  • Yannick Wettinck

    Welk it Will probly not je releases for android, because activIsion already created 2 call Of duty’s for iOS and non for android

  • cod

    it says all handheld version so it better be for android

  • makorov

    The thing is modern combat is already out there for mobile so cod already has a competitor out before a proper game by activision and infinity ward comes out, knowing about bo and zombie games (cod)